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Reason Pink won’t allow 11yo daughter Willow to have phone

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Pink has given a glimpse into her protective parenting style after revealing her 11-year-old daughter Willow is the only child in her class who doesn’t have a mobile phone.

Speaking with US radio program Carolina With Greg T In The Morning Show, the singer said she won’t let the pre-teen have a phone until she can “prove” that social media is good for her.

“My kids don’t have a phone, and my daughter is the only 11-year-old in her class that doesn’t have one,” the mum of two said.

“It’s hard. A lot of my friends have their kids on TikTok, and I don’t.”

Explaining her decision, the So What singer said: “I told Willow, ‘That just doesn’t move my needle, they’re not my kids, you’re my kid.’

The pop star, whose real name is Alecia Beth Hart, said it was different for Willow than some of her friends as she is the daughter of a famous person.

“She has a lot of eyes on her,” the 43-year-old songstress said.

The Grammy winner added how her daughter’s mental health is more important than her school friends thinking she is “cool”.

“I told her, point blank, ‘If you can produce literature from a reputable source that tells me that social media is good for you, then you can be on it. Otherwise, good luck’,” she said.

“She could be a lawyer, she could literally pass the bar. She’s always right.”

In addition to Willow, Pink and husband Carey Hart also share a six-year-old son named Jameson.

The Just Like Fire hitmaker previously revealed Willow has a job on tour with her and gets paid minimum wage.

While her duties are not known, Pink admitted her eldest child still had a thing or two to learn about negotiating pay.

“I said it’s about $22.50 a show depending how long I go, if I run over. She goes, ‘I’ll take $20. it’s easier to do the math’,” the pop star told US TV show Today.

“I’m like ‘That’s not how you negotiate for yourself.’ I’m like, ‘You’ll take $25 so it’s easier math’.”

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