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Queensland dog owner fined $718 over enclosure

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A dog owner in Queensland has been issued a massive fine because his two German shepherds can squeeze their noses through gaps in his fence.

The man, from Hervey Bay, was fined $718 for breaking a rule which prohibits dogs from being able to protrude under, over, or through the fence.

The owner was taken aback by the photo included with the fine, which showed his dogs peeking through the fence as “proof” of the violation.

The dog owner previously paid a $287 fine when his dogs learned how to open his electric gate, acknowledging that he had broken the rules on that occasion.

According to Animal Welfare NSW, a fence that is dog-proof must be tall enough to prevent the animal from jumping over it, have no gaps that it can squeeze through, and should be checked frequently for any signs of digging underneath.

“Sending me a picture of my dogs looking through a fence while you‘re walking up on the grass – what do you think they’re going to do? They’re German shepherds!” the man said in a TikTok video.

“Do they try and bite you? No. Have they ever bitten another person? No.”

“They say I have to extend the fence by two feet,” he explained in the comments. ”It‘s a sturdy gate, no different to anyone else’s fence on the street.”

A council spokesperson said the fine was due to the owner ignoring a notice to improve the enclosure.

“The fine was issued for not complying with a notice to improve the enclosure to ensure containment,” the spokesperson said via Yahoo News.

“The dogs had earlier jumped the fence. The owners were directed to make improvements to stop their pets escaping again, to which the owners did not comply.

“The owners were not fined for the animals being able to see through the fence.”

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