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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Netflix episode one: Couple met on Insatgram

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The first episodes of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s Netflix series have dropped, and the very first one contains an astonishing revelation about the couple’s romance.

“We met on Instagram,” Prince Harry says. “I was scrolling through my feed and someone who was a friend had this video of the two of them and I thought ‘Who is that?’”

The friend later reached out to Meghan to see if she was interested in meeting the royal, and after inspecting the “beautiful photography and environmental shots” on his Instagram feed, she agreed to a date.

Meghan was in London to attend Wimbledon and met Harry at a bar – and their romance was almost over before it began, when Harry was very late.

“I didn’t know him,” Meghan said. “So [when he was late] it’s like ‘Oh, is this what he does?’ No. I’m not doing this. Guys who have so much of an ego that you think any girl would sit around and wait half an hour for you, I was just not interested in that.”

But when Harry showed up red-faced, sweaty and clearly mortified at his lateness, Meghan forgave him, and the rest is history.

After spending an hour together, Meghan “told him that I had other plans” and left. But soon after, she was “very forward and American” and invited him to dinner.

This time, she was late, but by then Harry was hooked.

“I wanted to see you again,” Harry said.

They took a picture together, that night, and Harry said he knew she was something special.

“We just wanted to capture the feeling of sitting in that little restaurant and going we’re gonna give it a go,” Meghan said.

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Earlier in the episode, an old interview from before Meghan and Harry met was shown, in which Meghan was asked if she preferred William or Harry.

Meghan appeared to have no opinion, and when the interview asked, “Prince Harry?” she replied: “Sure”.

Harry laughed as they watched it together, before Meghan assured Harry she would obviously choose him now.

The next big step in the couple’s romance came on a trip to Botswana, a trip that came about solely because they both had the same week off.

When they landed in Africa, they had only met twice before, and neither was certain the trip would be a success. It ended up being the making of them.

“We could be completely ourselves, there’s no distraction, there’s no cell phone reception,” Meghan said. “There’s no mirror, there’s no bathroom. Thankfully, we really liked each other.”

Harry & Meghan is a six-part Netflix series directed by Oscar-nominee Liz Garbus. It is the flagship offering in the couple’s rumoured $183 million multi-year content deal with the steaming giant.

It’s a project that has been in the works for months, with two trailers being released in the past two weeks, both making headlines around the world.

Multiple reports suggest Harry and Meghan have been at odds with Netflix bosses in attempts to delay the show, following a chaotic period for the royal family, including the Queen’s death in September.

The couple are understood to have wanted to push the controversial TV series back to 2023 amid backlash over the new series of The Crown, which is chronicling the breakdown of Charles and Diana’s marriage.

It’s already courted controversy for the use of “fake” and “misleading” photos which have been exposed in detail, including one paparazzi picture taken from the Harry Potter premiere in 2011.

The first three episodes landed around the world on December 8. The next and final three will drop one week later on December 15.

Story Credit: news.com.au

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