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Poasa Junior Logova: Concourse lingerie bar stabber set to avoid jail

A young Sydney man who stabbed a bar manager during a wild and bloody brawl at a CBD lingerie bar is set to avoid being sent to jail, a court has heard.

Poasa Junior Logova, 21, was expected to learn his fate in Campbelltown’s District Court on Friday as he fronted court alongside a large contingent of friends and family.

Judge Christopher O’Brien described in detail the attack which left victim Lawrence D’iapico-Bien with a collapsed lung and almost resulted in him losing his life.

Judge O’Brien said he was set to impose a two-year, eight-month sentence on the scaffolder.

But he flagged imposing a sentence which would allow Logova to serve his sentence in the community via an intensive corrections order.

Mr D’iapico-Bien previously told the court that two years on, he was still experiencing the physical and psychological trauma as a result of the melee at Wynyard’s Concourse Bar.

Logova previously pleaded guilty to reckless wounding and assault occasioning bodily harm.

Mr D’iapico-Bien had to undergo surgery after he was stabbed twice in the back by Logova during a brawl which was sparked after a group of men was told their drink service had been cut off.

The court heard Logova and two other men were drinking at the Concourse Bar on November 5, 2020 when they got into an argument with Mr D’iapico-Bien, who worked at the venue.

When Mr D’iapico-Bien told the men: “I think you guys have had enough and it’s time to go home”, it sparked a heated confrontation which soon turned violent.

Mr D’iapico-Bien armed himself with a cocktail muddler but was sprayed in the eye with a cleaning product by Logova.

During the melee, Mr D’iapico-Bien was punched and kicked repeatedly, with good Samaritans attempting to intervene and break up the fight.

The court was told Logova stabbed Mr D’iapico-Bien twice with a small knife, which he was carrying in his pants, towards the end of the brawl.

Mr D’iapico-Bien suffered cuts and bruises and had to undergo emergency treatment in an ambulance to save his life before later undergoing surgery.

Judge O’Brien said he rejected arguments from Logova’s lawyers that his victim’s attempt to arm himself amounted to provocation.

He took into account Logova’s guilty plea and a letter of apology he wrote to Mr D’iapico-Bien.

“The victim was just going about his work,” Judge O’Brien said.

“He should never have been subjected to this sort of violence.”

However, he also said “youth and immaturity” had contributed to his actions – given he was 19 years old at the time – and that the community was better served with him not serving his sentence via fulltime imprisonment.

Judge O’Brien flagged that he was set to impose a two-year, eight-month sentence to be served via an intensive corrections order.

However, he said he needed to order a further report to determine if he was suitable for home detention.

He adjourned the matter until later in the year for his sentence to be confirmed.

The other two men involved in the brawl, Harley Conroy and Kevin Piggott, were previously sentenced to nine-month community corrections orders after they pleaded guilty to assault occasioning actual bodily harm and affray.

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