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Patrick Dempsey unveils buzzcut after dying hair for upcoming movie, Ferrari

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McDreamy is getting a makeover – and some fans are mad.

Patrick Dempsey, 56, debuted a brand-new look on Sunday, swapping his signature hairstyle for a DIY buzzcut.

The Grey’s Anatomy actor, who was nicknamed “Dr McDreamy” on the hit show, said goodbye to his famous romance novel-worthy salt-and-pepper hair, shaving it all off at home, the New York Postreports.

The Disenchanted actor’s wife, makeup artist Jillian Dempsey, shared a video of the major moment on Instagram. The Emmy winner wielded a pair of clippers in the clip.

“Change is good!” his wife captioned the black-and-white video.

But many fans didn’t seem to think so, and took to the comments to express their grief over the loss of Patrick’s luscious locks.

“This isn’t funny Jill, you made him get rid of his hero hair,” one griped. Another lamented, “HIS PRECIOUS HAIR.”

“For the LOVE OF GOD…..WHY??????,” a third asked, while a Grey’s Anatomy fan quipped, “I think this is more traumatising than Derek’s death.”

Others disagreed, calling the actor’s new do “hot” and “sexy”.

“He still manages to look good in every hair style [sic],” one rather diplomatic fan commented.

Jillian told People she “took the first pass” on the cut before giving her spouse control of the clippers.

She said the surprising cut was “spur-of-the-moment” and offered a much-needed “rebirth” after Dempsey bleached his hair blond for a role.

“Patrick recently dyed his hair platinum for a project, and even though he coloured his hair back, it wasn’t the same natural ‘salt-and-pepper’ colour that we all know and love,” Jillian said of his transformation for the upcoming movie Ferrari.

“In order to let his colour grow back naturally, we needed to give him a fresh and short start.”

This article originally appeared on the New York Post and was reproduced with permission

Story Credit: news.com.au

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