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Paris Hilton leaves TV hosts baffled by her real voice | Video

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Paris Hilton left TV hosts surprised after she appeared in an interview with a different sounding voice.

The hotel heiress went on the UK program This Morning to promote her new book, Paris: The Memoir.

TV presenters Alison Hammond and Dermot O’Leary were baffled by how The Simple Life star’s voice was deeper and soft.

Hilton, 42, was known from her reality star days with a high-pitched girly tone.

Hammond asked: “This is the authentic Paris? This isn’t the voice I remember!” to which the socialite explained: “This is my real voice, that was a character.”

The media personality continued: “For a long time people have misunderstood and underestimated me but I can understand, playing that character. Of course they were going to assume otherwise.

“But I’m not a dumb blonde, I’m just very good at pretending to be one.

“After the Simple Life I got stuck [as that character] and everyone assumed that’s who I really was in real life and I’m a naturally shy person so it was also kind of a mask for me.”

Hilton has spoken about the “fake voice” she put on in previous interviews.

Back in 2016, she appeared on US TV show Today, where the hosts quizzed her about the change in her voice.

“This is actually my real voice,” she said. “My other voice – you know, that Simple Life kind of baby voice that I used to use … I actually have a low voice in real life.”

Hilton recently spoke of the emotional and physical abuse she faced as a teenager.

During an interview with The One Show, she explained that her troubled childhood inspired her to create the “Barbie doll” persona on television.

“I think it was a trauma response where I created this, this character, this Barbie doll fantasy life so I didn’t have to think about what I went through.

“And then I got The Simple Life and I had to carry on playing that character season after season.

The reality star then went on to explain how she got “stuck” doing it and that she is naturally a “shy person” so it felt like it was a “mask” to be able to deal with the “pressures”.

“It was really difficult the way the media were so vicious with us,” she said.

“We were under a magnifying glass with the media constantly stalking us, making up stories, it was just very difficult to deal with. You definitely need a tough skin.”

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