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Outrage as US woman sent home for wearing ‘distracting’, ‘revealing’ dress

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Millions have leapt to the defence of a woman after she was sent home from work for wearing a “revealing” dress – but there’s absolutely nothing wrong with her outfit.

Marie Dee, from the US, wore a figure-hugging black dress with a high neckline to her office job recently.

But after arriving at her place of work, someone in the HR department told her she had to go home because the outfit was “distracting”.

The mum-of-two described the decision as “ridiculous” and after sharing a video of her outfit as well as the conversation with human resources, Marie has had an outpouring of support from people who agree her outfit is “professional and polished”.

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In the clip, Marie revealed she was being “sent home again for my outfit” before setting up the camera to reveal her full ensemble.

She then said she was going to go back to the “HR girl” to press her for more information, and quietly filmed their conversation.

“I’m sorry, you still can’t wear that, it’s way too revealing and distracting,” her co-worker tells her.

Marie then responds, repeating “it’s distracting?” as if in shock, to which the HR employee states “very”.

The TikTok video was shared on Saturday, but has left so many people worked up, it has already amassed almost 24 million views.

Most of the comments section, which has over 70,000 replies, are from those outraged by the decision – with many stating there’s “nothing wrong” with what Marie is wearing.

“HR seems to be overstepping here. I don’t think anything is wrong here,” one said.

“Document it and call a lawyer. Document what everyone else in the office is wearing,” another said.

As one raged: “Revealing in what way? If others are distracted and can’t focus then that’s on them, not you.”

Others described Marie’s outfit as “professional and polished”, while many women mocked men for not being able to do their job in the presence of a woman.

“Yes, it is distracting. For about three seconds while I mentally say, wow, she looks amazing today. And somehow I still manage to get my job done,” one said.

“Jeez, your co-workers need to learn self-control,” another wrote.

“She’s just mad because you’re pretty,” someone else said.

In a previous video, Marie – whose handle name @notmariedee suggests that is not her real name – said she’d been sent home on a separate occasion.

This time, she could be seen wearing a pair of black pants and a purple top with a plunging neckline.

However, some have suggested the video isn’t 100 per cent authentic, with some claiming her dad owns the company.

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