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One plane passenger watches Hitch instead of Super Bowl

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Maybe he was just looking for some tips ahead of Valentine’s Day.

An aeroplane passenger is being crucified by sports jocks in the United States after he was caught being the only person on a flight not watching the Super Bowl.

A photograph taken inside a darkened cabin hilariously highlighted how everyone on the plane was glued to the NFL thriller between Kansas City and Philadelphia, which the Chiefs won 38-35.

More than 100 million Americans tuned into the annual sporting extravaganza, which had the added carrot of Rihanna’s return to the stage for the halftime show.

But one individual had other ideas.

Instead of watching Patrick Mahomes quarterback the Chiefs to the NFL championship, he opted to take in Will Smith piloting Kevin James to his one true love.

That’s right, this passenger preferred a re-run of the romantic comedy Hitch to the game that almost everyone in America was watching.

And boy did it ruffle some feathers.

“The one dude watching Hitch on this plane should be jailed. A menace to society,” tweeted Brett Hanfling.

Barstool Sports labelled him the “biggest try-hard on the planet”.

“This isn’t a guy who simply wanted to watch Hitch last night — I’d imagine this person had seen the 2005 film at some point before. This guy wanted to send a message. He wants everyone on that plane to know he views himself as a superior being because he would never possibly engage in activity as lowly as watching the Super Bowl,” the bloke-friendly outlet railed.

“Aside from the fact this dude is just the world’s biggest loser, I guess I’d ask why such an intellectual is flying what appears to be JetBlue. Surely this higher caliber of human should be flying first class — or at least on an airline that has a first class. Trying to flex from the cabin of a JetBlue flight is maybe the best self-own I’ve ever seen.”

But some Reddit users were prepared to go into bat for the Hitch rebel.

“To be fair all he has to do is look to the screen beside him and he can watch both Hitch and the Super Bowl at the same time,” one wrote.

“Perhaps they aren’t into sports, I love sports thought that the super bowl was a good game but who am I to judge someone who doesn’t watch it on his screen especially when he can glance over at his neighbours screen and see the score if he wanted,” added another.

“How dare anyone not like your favourite hobby,” wrote a third.

Story Credit: news.com.au

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