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Objectophilia: Man who identifies as objectum sexual is in love with balloons

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A man, who says he is sexually attracted to inanimate objects, has revealed he is currently in a committed relationship with a bunch of balloons.

Aakash Majumdar, 28, from Mumbai, India, said that what started as a friendship has now developed into something more meaningful.

In fact, he’s so besotted with the floating object he says he sleeps beside them and even kisses them goodnight, admitting he’s “sexually attracted” to them too.

“Every morning, I wake up by saying ‘good morning’ and giving a kiss to my balloons that sleep beside me, and vice versa,” he told NeedToKnow.Online.

“I make out with my balloons.”

Majumdar identifies as “objectum sexual”, meaning he is sexually attracted to inanimate objects – and he’s not alone. The phenomenon is also known as objectophilia and is characterised by sexual or romantic attraction on particular inanimate objects.

A study done in 2019 by Springer Nature indicated that those who express a sexual desire for objects tend to be on the autism spectrum and may have a condition called synesthesia, which is when a person experiences one of their senses through another, according to WebMD.

While many people consider it a fetish, this is incorrect as fetishists use objects exclusively as a means of achieving sexual gratification, according to a report by Psychology Today.

Objectophiles however focus on the object and its qualities, their attraction to objects is not purely sexual, depersonalised, objectified, or derived from having a sense of power over the object. It can also be romantic and involve intense emotions.

This is something Majumdar can relate to, with the loved-up man describing everything he “loves” about balloons in detail.

“I like their presence and warmth, and share intimate feelings with my balloons and vice versa,” Majumdar told NeedToKnow.Online.

“When you’re in love, you spend a lot of time together and accept all kinds of flaws.”

According to Majumdar, he communicates with the balloons through telepathy and dreams, and they share “each and every thought, feeling and emotion”.

In fact, his affection for the common party object is so strong, he proposed in 2021.

“Since I’ve confessed my love for my balloons, my life has changed for the better,” Majumdar said. “Our love is so strong that I can’t live without him.”

Majumdar said that he doesn’t go anywhere without his lovers.

“I can talk to them, take them shopping and for a walk in the garden,” he told NeedToKnow.Online.

“[The balloons] should have the freedom and the chance to see the world, and that is the reason why I walk with them everywhere.”

Even though Majumdar’s love is strong, the balloons are still very fragile and accidents do happen.

“[The balloons] are just as fragile as a human baby,” he said. “I need to protect him from all danger. From sharp objects, changes in temperature to suffocation.”

Despite his watchful eye, sometimes the balloons pop.

“One day while inflating a few balloons with a pump, a balloon got popped,” mourned Majumdar. “I cried for the loss and after that, I became more careful.

“When there is a sudden death of balloons, I try to resurrect them by reinflating them. If I can’t, I give them a funeral by digging and covering them with the soil.”

Over the years, stories of people who identify as being objectum sexual have made headlines around the world, including a man who fell in love with an ashtray.

The 36-year-old met the object in a nightclub and even ditched his “wife” to embark on a relationship together.

He’d previously married his sex doll Margo.

Story Credit: news.com.au

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