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NSW Police officers attacked outside 7-Eleven shocking video

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A brutal attack on two NSW Police officers has been filmed, with the shocking footage shared on social media.

The incident occurred outside a 7-Eleven store in February but only went viral this week.

In the video, which was uploaded to the SCN_worldstar Instagram account on Thursday morning, a female police officer can be seen arresting a woman as a group of men surround her and another police officer.

“Don’t you f**king touch her,” one of the men screams at the officers, prompting the male officer to order him to “move back”.

WARNING: Very strong language

“Don’t touch her,” the man screams again, attempting to advance towards the woman and the arresting female officer.

“Move back. Move back now,” the male officer yells again.

A scuffle then breaks out between the male officer and one of the men, prompting the female officer to jump up and intervene.

In the process, the man is seen shoving the woman in her face and knocking her to the ground where she appears to hit her head on the cement.

“You f**king c**ts,” the man screams at the two police officers.

The other officer then grabs him before the man punches him in the face, and begins to repeatedly punch the officer as he is bent over.

At this point, other police officers arrive, with one swiftly tackling the man to the ground.

One of the other men watching the situation unfold begins filming the officers as they restrain the other man.

The man who was tackled can be heard screaming and groaning as multiple officers pin him to the ground.

Even more officers arrive as the man continues to struggle, before the rest of the men are ordered to back away from the situation.

NSW Police told they could not comment on the matter as it was before the courts.

The video has attracted a number of comments since being posted, with some defending the officers while others claimed they “deserved” what they got.

“Punch a cop, f**k around and find out,” one person wrote.

“Never amazes me how the tough guys always seem of cry the loudest and whinge the most when their wrist gets bent,” another said.

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