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New York Fashion Week 2023: Black Tape Project’s final duct tape bikini show

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A new “duct tape bikini” has been unveiled at New York Fashion Week – and it’s even racier than its infamous predecessor.

The controversial swimwear trend was created by Black Tape Project and has been causing a stir at prestigious fashion events since it made its runway debut in 2018.

Its risqué designs are made from “skin-safe artistic body tape” strategically placed on a model’s body by creator and self-proclaimed body tape “pioneer” Joel Alvarez.

Every year, without fail the “sex factor” has been ramped up, resulting in the wild “bikinis” making headlines around the world.

And 2023 is no different, with the latest runway show held on Sunday night unveiling the brand’s “body chain collection”, Alvarez revealed on Instagram.

Models strutted the catwalk in the signature black tape adorned with a variety of chains draped over their body,

Virginia Sanhouse wore a belt around her waist which hung low on her hips and a fringe detailing across her upper thigh.

The bra was a similar design, with fringing protecting her modesty across her bust. The duct tape could be seen underneath and worn on her wrists as cuffs.

After the show, she described her look as “really different” in an Instagram Stories post.

“We had chains, we had tape, it looked great,” she said.

“We killed it.”

Another model, Julia Seydel, rocked skimpy black duct tape undies and a minuscule crisscross tape bra with gold and black chains looped across her body. Similarly, she also had duct tape worn on her wrists as cuffs.

Alvarez later claimed on Instagram this show was his “final performance”, adding it was fitting considering NYFW was where it all started five years ago.

“Today is the day. My final performance. Started in NYFW and it ends in NYFW. Full circle and the new guy is straight brutal,” he wrote.

He then added the show was filled with “all new tape designs” and was the first time fans could see the “new body chain collection”.

Social media users lit up with praise for the skimpy looks, with many describing the duct tape bikinis as “unreal” and “insane”.

“Some people may try to copy your art, but they will never be able to do the same. Congratulations,” one stated.

“Great job Joel,” another added.

Others praised the models, describing the looks as “gorgeous” and “stunning”.

Many showered the comments section desperate to know the answer to a long-burning question: “Does it hurt to take it off?”

While there’s still no word on how uncomfortable it seems, one model did reveal at Miami Swim Week 2022 that it took 12 hours to get into her “bikini”.

“Second time walking for @blacktapeproject. Thank you Joel, and to the outstanding team behind all of this hard work,” Chanel Rivera wrote.

“Twelve hours taping and just 30 seconds walking. It is an honour to be wearing your art.”

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