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Mum’s healthy vegetable version of fairy bread slammed as ‘un-Australian’ | Video

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An Aussie mum has spoken out after being slammed online for serving up a healthy fairy bread alternative made with vegetables.

Culinary teacher Fatimah Omran took to TikTok this week to share the unique recipe, explaining that her 13-year-old had asked her to make fairy bread.

The 42-year-old content creator explained that she said “no” to her daugther’s request for fairy bread due to the amount of sugar in the sprinkles.

Instead, the Sydney mum-of-three whipped up a controversial healthy alternative to the iconic Australian dish, and was quickly met with a barrage of heated opinions after posting it online.

The viral clip has reached over 3.5 million views in less than a day – and Fatimah even revealed that someone had reported her social media pages after becoming so upset.

“It’s mind boggling how much hate I’ve received,” Fatimah told

“They judged me for a 30 second video, people are so easily triggered. My page was actually reported because of it.

“It’s a sad world when a mum is threatened for feeding her children healthy food. It shocks me that people are so passionate about a sandwich.”

Fatimah’s healthy version of fairy bread consists of mixing shredded coconut with red cabbage, beetroot and turmeric and letting it dry to create “sprinkles”.

Despite her efforts, she said her daughter “wasn’t impressed” and refused to even try it.

“My daughter is not easily pleased, and she turned it down unfortunately,” she laughed.

“She’s 13, so it’s a really hard age to reason with.

“I’m a dessert maker first, so I know about colouring ingredients through my previous work.

“I’d never made it before but was impressed by the beauty of the natural colours and used turmeric for the orange. It was a bit messy but looked spectacular on video.”

Fatimah explained that while she does let her children have sweets, she always tries to encourage them to eat healthy alternatives.

Her passion for nutrition comes from a personal place, with the mum focusing on healthy food more than ever before after she battled cancer.

“People online don’t know me, or my intentions. They assume I deny my children treats and that’s not the case at all,” she said.

“She does have treats and doesn’t go without. But I always try to encourage her to eat healthy.

“Sugar and colours aren’t ideal for growing kids, that’s why I wanted to give this version a go.

“I don’t let my daughter talk about diets or losing weight. I want inner health to be her priority not her outer look.

“I battled cancer 16 years ago so I’ve always been cautious of what my children ate.

“I also dabbled in a nutrition course as my childrens health is of utmost importance to me.”

The TikTok video shared has since racked up more than 3.5 million views, with hundreds of people flooding to the comment section to share their opinion on her creation.

Many have slammed the recipe as being “Un-Australian” and have condemned Fatimah for “messing” with a classic – while others have applauded the mum for her creativity.

“Very UnAustralian, she should hang her head in shame,” said one.

“How dare she mess with an iconic Australian food. Nobody wants vegetable flavoured coconut bread, how ridiculous.”

“That’s not fairy bread, that’s disappointed confetti butter with a side of toast,” wrote another.

“Just give kids the damn fairy bread.”

“Where is the number for Crimestoppers? I have something to report,” another joked.

“Just remember your kids decide what care home you go in.”

Others were more open to the idea.

“I think the adults are more offended than the kids,” said one.

“This is one of most creative alternatives I’ve seen for fairy bread.”

“This is a good alternative especially for kids who are affected by food colourings and preservatives,” posted one.

“Would definitely give this a go! Thank you for sharing” wrote another.

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