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Mum calls off road trip after two months because of pressure on marriage

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A mum who pulled her two children out of school to travel Australia as a family has scrapped the trip after just two months because it was putting strain on her marriage.

Tammi Keirl told her 85,000 followers in December last year that she, her husband Jason and daughters Ruby and Savannah were going to traverse Australia in a campervan.

But two months later, the trip is already over and they’re now heading back home.

“Decided today to finish our trip early and head back to the Sunny Coast in April,” she wrote on Instagram.

“It’s putting too much pressure on our marriage with zero kid-free time and Savannah on the drives. I’ll cherish all of it until it ends.”

Tammi and Jason married last November.

She had written late last year of how a series of “hardships” had led her to the decision to travel around Australia.

“As cliché as it, all hardship can be a lesson,” she said.

‘Witnessing Ruby’s schooling challenges this year was really tough and it really hurt us to see her struggle but now in hindsight, if she had perfectly settled into school we wouldn’t have even considered home schooling or following our dreams and allowing our children this opportunity of a lifetime!

“This hardship was absolutely a lesson and guidance pushing us towards the path we were meant to walk with child-led learning at my their own pace all while travelling our beautiful country.”

During the trip, the family appeared to be having a good time, with Tammi writing of her daughter Ruby living a “pressure-free” life.

“No worrying about who she will play with at school the next day, whether she will have to use the toilet, or hold it all day, whether she will have to put her hand up or if she will say or do ‘the wrong thing’”.

“All pressure has been removed, we are following your lead girlfriend.”

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