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Mum axed in the head by ex after kissing reality star

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A British mum-of-two suffered three skull fractures when her ex tried to kill her with an axe after he saw her kissing a star of UK reality show The Only Way is Essex.

Former model Alex Alam then FaceTimed the reality star, Kirk Norcross, on her iPad to tell him: “I am dying – he has killed me, he has done me.”

Ms Alam, who suffered three skull fractures and needed 100 stitches, begged: “Please get my kids. He is going to finish us off.”

Norcross, who had kissed Ms Alam on her doorstep minutes earlier, raced back and found her children, aged 7 and 3, crying in the hall, The Sun reports.

Ms Alam had been attacked by ex-boxer David Richards, who set up the Dreamboys strippers and sold the business for £1 million ($1.78 million) in 2019.

He put most of it into having a plush house with stables built for them in Essex and put it in both their names.

They had a nine-year relationship before long-suffering Ms Alam threw him out.

Chelmsford Crown Court heard she had suffered years of abuse and repeatedly reported him to police for alleged coercive behaviour. She finally made an assault claim and was granted a non-molestation order.

Richards, 41, was forced to live in a hotel.

The day after being quizzed over the alleged assault allegation, he waited outside the house for five hours.

He saw 34-year-old Norcross leave, kissing Ms Alam as they said goodbye.

When she went outside to see her dogs, he smashed her repeatedly over the head with an axe.

Mr Richards, who had mixed with Towie stars including Amy Childs, was shouting: “Kirk Norcross? Kirk Norcross – in my house?”

Reliving the moment Richards “stormed” up to her with the axe, Ms Alam said: “He said, ‘Shut up’, and then he f***ing hit me over the head straight away.

“I think he hit me twice, but I didn’t go down and he hit me again. I said, ‘David, don’t.’”

Ms Alam screamed as Richards tried to strangle her.

He pushed her to the ground while shouting: “Kirk Norcrosss, Kirk f***ing Norcross.”

She added: “I was telling him, ‘No, no, it’s not like that’, and he was telling me, ‘Shut the f**k up.’

“Every time I was screaming or begging he was getting more angry. I realised I was going to get hacked to pieces. I knew he was going to do me, and then he was going to do the kids.”

She said Richards bound her with cable ties and began dragging her around by the hair, accusing her of trying to ruin his life by going to police.

Quick-thinking Ms Alam made up a story that her father had made her do it – and that she had messages to prove it.

She said this had “saved her life” by giving her the chance to call for help while Richards looked for her phone.

She armed herself with a kitchen knife, hid in a bedroom and called Norcross and the police.

Norcross, who starred in Celebrity Big Brother in 2013, said in a statement he had visited Ms Alam at 6pm and fallen asleep with her on the sofa after her children had gone to bed.

He said he “gave her a goodnight kiss” as he left at around midnight and texted her a few minutes later to say he was home.

He then got the FaceTime call.

“She was on the floor by her bed holding a kitchen knife,” he said.

“She was covered in blood. I had never seen anything like it. It was like I was seeing a horror movie. She said, ‘Kirk come back, I am dying. He has killed me.’

“I asked her what had happened and she said, ‘He has done me with an axe.’”

Richards fled and was chased by armed police before being arrested in Ipswich, the town where his mother lives.

He admitted telling one officer at the scene: “I have done the most stupid thing in my life.”

Prosecutor William Carter said Richards’ belief that she was in a relationship with Norcross had an “extreme effect on him”.

He added: “In my submission, this is a man who intended to kill.”

The court heard he had bought a Magnusson axe, cable ties and gloves in B&Q Basildon on March 21, then returned to the store two days later and bought the same items again. He also bought a mask and a black boiler suit.

He claimed he planned to disable Ms Alam’s horse box, but denied being “embittered”.

He added: “The Kirk Norcross thing, I was not bothered about at all.”

He denied trying to kill her or even ever having an axe.

And he claimed Ms Alam gave him permission to tie her up with cable ties.

Richards had admitted breaking the non-molestation order at an earlier hearing.

He denied attempted murder but a jury took less than four hours to convict him after a week-long trial.

He will be sentenced next month.

This article originally appeared on The Sun and was reproduced with permission

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