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More pets memorialised as taxidermy rates increase

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Many people fear the day their beloved pet can no longer stand by their side, but an Australian family has paid respect to their late pup by having it turned into something they can keep forever.

A Melbourne based taxidermist turned the family’s golden retriever into a pelt for them to keep, and has shared the results on social media.

Chimera Taxidermy taxidermist Maddy Grant shares her work on social media platforms including Instagram, Facebook and TikTok, with thousands of viewers expressing their opinions on her work.

Ms Grant told NCA NewsWire there’s been an increase in taxidermy interest lately, especially for former pets.

“Many people want a physical reminder of their pet, whether it’s to see their pet peacefully sleeping in their bed, the feeling of their pet’s fur or even their skull,” she said.

A TikTok video of a family’s beloved Golden Retriever has had nearly 2 million views, with thousands of likes and comments on the outcome.

Some were shocked at the owners’ decision to have their pup transformed into a keepsake, saying it was lovely but they “couldn’t do it” themselves.

“This is interesting, but certainly isn’t for everyone,” said another.

“I have mixed feelings about this; not sure if I could do it. It is beautiful, though!”

“My memories give me peace; I couldn’t do this, it would make it harder for me,” another user commented.

Ms Grant said she understands people’s differing opinions of her work.

“This art form is definitely not for everyone and I respect that,” she said.

“I’m just happy to help the people that want to memorialise their pets this way.”

But plenty of comments supported the taxidermy artist, praising her fine work.

“I love this for those who can handle it,” one said.

“That is something I have never seen done before and honestly, that’s pretty cool,” said another. “Gorgeous work.”

“I’m doing this with my golden when she passes,” one person shared.

Hundreds of others tagged their friends, saying they’d like to do the same with their pets once they pass.

“Kinda weird, but it’s sweet,” one responder said.

The taxidermist has shared all kinds of work on social media, including full taxidermy, skull preservation and pelt tanning.

“Being able to bring some comfort to grieving families is by far the most rewarding part of being a pet taxidermist,” Ms Grant said.

“It’s difficult at times to work with pets, but knowing that you’re helping someone by creating a memorial that will last a lifetime makes it all worth it.”

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