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Model Ashley Graham’s stomach photo is going viral on Instagram for a sad reason

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Model Ashley Graham is going viral for posting a photo of herself gripping her belly fat, and I’m so tired of women’s natural bodies being seen as shocking.

The plus-size model had twins last year, and the revealing stomach photo clearly shows off her body’s new normal. It’s only been up for a few short hours and has already amassed thousands of likes.

I’m going to boldy argue that 99 per cent of women could recreate this photo. Pretty much every woman has a fatty belly they can hang onto. So why do photos like this still get so much bloody attention?

Graham’s stomach photo is posted without a caption, but the comments are speaking loudly for the image.

One fan commented, “What every post-partum mum needs to see!”

While another fan commented, “We need more realistic models like her.”

Someone else wrote: “Just when I didn’t think I could love you more.”

Largely the comments on Graham’s photo are supportive. The general vibe is that she should be applauded for posting such a candid snap of her stomach.

Really? It is a revealing photo that she looks very good in, why wouldn’t she post it?

The fact that she’s being celebrated for a very ordinary photo of a woman’s body is depressing. When will a non-flat stomach not be newsworthy?

No shade on Graham, she’s doing good work here. She’s part of the solution because she’s helping normalise that stomachs don’t have to be flat to be attractive. It is the reaction that bothers me.

I am tired of everyone acting shocked or inspired whenever a female celebrity posts a candid snap of their stomachs.

Last year Selena Gomez went viral because she filmed a TikTok while she was wearing a swimsuit alongside a voiceover that declared real stomachs were back.

The fact that Gomez proudly showed off her non-flat stomach was the talk of the town and it was depressing to see this was considered big news. I mean, Gomez is smoking hot no matter what her stomach looks like.

Speaking of stomachs! I will also never forget when influencer Nadia Bartel whipped everyone into a frenzy when she posted a candid photo of her stomach.

The glam mother of two posted a photo of her tummy while sitting on a park bench and captioned it with, “Also my tum today that has carried two boys. Don’t forget that you only see the angles people want you to see online, so be kind to yourself.”

Bartel’s photo caused a bit of a stir because some people felt her stomach looked fabulous either way and she shouldn’t be wading into the body positivity waters. Plus, there’s the fact that she constantly posts photos of her stomach looking flat.

So, the culture she was calling out was one that she had previously promoted.

But, Bartel’s just another woman trying to make peace with her stomach and considering the reaction to Graham’s tummy picture, can we blame her?

Maybe I’m asking for too much, but I just want to reach a point where a woman’s normal stomach isn’t seen as a large talking point or a huge statement instead we can just all agree it is sexy and move on.

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