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Melbourne home with no kitchen or bathroom on sale for $1.6m

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From the outside, this home in inner-city Melbourne looks very promising, but there is a not-so-pleasant surprise waiting behind the front door.

It is no secret that the housing market is out of control right now, so snagging a home in the inner-city suburb of Spotswood for $1.6 million may seem like a great deal for some buyers.

The majority of photos on the listing focus on the three-bedroom home’s large backyard, garden shed and convenient location.

Noticeably absent are any photos from inside the building – and it turns out there is a very good reason for that.

This home that is being sold for $1.6 million dollars is missing not one, but two key rooms: a kitchen and a bathroom.

This means buyers would have to dish out a considerable amount of money on for renovations on top of the listing price before the home was even inhabitable.

The listing describes the home as “prime real estate” that is “ideally suited for a sassy renovation”.

Bizarrely, it is clearly stated at the top of the listing that the home has three bedrooms and one bathroom, but this is completely contradicted in the description.

“The home has no kitchen or bathroom and will require substantial works to be ready for occupation,” the description reads.

But to make up for the lack of kitchen or bathroom, the home has a number of existing “period features”, including 13 foot ceilings, ornate cornices and three brick open fireplaces.

While there are no pictures inside the home, a floor plan shows three similarly sized rooms with a hallway running down the right hand side.

It isn’t just prospective buyers that are having to wade through questionable listings, with renters also having to sift through some eyebrow-raising advertisements.

Last month a listing of two Sydney studio apartments for $550 and $500 per week caught people’s attention with one bizarre detail.

While the small apartments are located in a convenient location in the bustling city suburb of Surry Hills, they come with a major catch: there are only two shared bathrooms for a total of 12 apartments.

Residents of these studio apartments would have to share a bathroom with up to 11 other people, while still forking out roughly half of the average worker’s take home pay for the privilege.

“Each room is beautifully appointed with luxury furnishings and superior linen to ensure the ultimate sleep experience,” the listing read.

“A private lockable room is available in a Co-Living building. People of all ages and nationalities are welcome.”

The rooms, one of which is just 12sqm, come fully furnished with weekly cleaning of the common areas.

Tenants also have to share a single washing machine and dryer with the rest of the renters, unless they can find somewhere in their studio to fit their own.

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