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Melbourne airport Qantas/ Swissport baggage handlers sacked

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Two baggage handlers have been sacked after an urgent probe into shocking footage which showed them mishandling luggage at Melbourne Airport.

The footage, which went viral online, showed the handlers throwing, kicking, and slamming passengers’ luggage onto a conveyor belt.

Some bags were thrown so hard that they fell off the belt.

One man was shown laughing while another man lifted a bag above his head, hurling it down towards the belt with force.

On Thursday, Qantas contractor Swissport, responsible for ground handling at Melbourne Airport, confirmed that two employees had been fired.

“An urgent investigation was undertaken into the recent behaviour of two team members at Melbourne Airport who were handling customer luggage in an unacceptable manner. As a result of that investigation, these individuals are no longer employed by Swissport,” a spokesman confirmed to

“In addition, we have conducted a briefing of all operations teams to remind them of the high standards we expect and enforce. The unacceptable behaviour of a few individuals will not be allowed to tarnish the quality work of our whole team.”

“Our 3,000-strong team across the network works hard to ensure these standards are upheld, and it is important that when those standards are breached by a small group of individuals, that we take action.”

The workers involved were stood down while their employer investigated.

A Qantas spokesman described the incident as “ clearly not acceptable” after news of the footage broke, confirming an investigation of its own was underway.

The footage of the seldom-seen side of airport operations shocked Australians.

“How bloody sad that grown adults have no respect for people’s baggage,” one reader said.

“I had a suitcase ruined a few years back, thank heavens it was on the return journey home, and I didn’t have to lug around a broken suitcase,’ another reader said.

“I’m not surprised at this. I often had a fragile sticker put on my luggage when checking in, and although I have wrapped and insulated anything fragile, I often find something broken,” explained another.

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