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Married At First Sight groom Shannon’s bizarre gym video emerges

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A video of Married At First Sight groom Shannon Adams has emerged showing the loveable larrikin in a very different light.

The 30-year-old Victoria-based personal trainer, who is matched with makeup artist Caitlin McConville on the Nine series, can be seen spitting indoors and swearing in a bizarre social media clip, published by Daily Mail.

Standing in a gym, Shannon is heard delivering fitness advice to clients, where he refers to female gym goers as “sexy little bittys”.

“See that sexy little bitty on the treadmill and you’re eyeing her off? No, no, no, no, no. F**k her!” he shouts.

“You are not in here for that. Go to a f**king bar, Leave her alone. You’re in here for yourself.

“You pay your dues, that’s how you got to be. And that’s a winner. She’ll come along in the long term.”

On his introduction to the show last week, Shannon was described as a “sensitive soul” who “wants to be loved”.

And that checked out, at least, until last night’s episode, where he told his ‘wife’ he was still in love with his ex-girlfriend of seven years.

At the end of the episode, Shannon was seen crying following an emotional phone call with his ex, with whom he shares a child.

“I’m stilling thinking about my ex,” he tells Caitlin. “I hate the fact I’m saying this but I still love her.”

He then storms out of the room, leaving Caitlin in tears.

It came after his brutal move in the infamous MAFS ‘Hottest to Least Hottest’ task, where he placed his ‘wife’ second, before quickly deciding he’d made a mistake, before moving her even lower.

“I haven’t seen these girls without make-up and I have seen you without make-up,” he told her of the decision.

“You have potential to level up.”

Story Credit: news.com.au

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