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Man kicks off car mirror in wild road rage video on Melbourne’s Monash Freeway

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A man has been filmed kicking a mirror off a car in a road rage incident in Melbourne.

The wild video was captured on the Monash Freeway last week by a witness and shared on Facebook.

It shows a man run up and take a big jump, kicking the side mirror off a Volkswagen van.

The mirror shatters to the floor as the man sticks up both his middle fingers at the driver inside.

He then goes around the other side of the van and attempts to do the same to that mirror but the driver gets a well-timed break in traffic and drives off, leaving the angry man behind.

The person who uploaded the 18 second clip said the man had got out of a white ute.

He claimed to have seen him first throw a coffee cup at the van before getting out approaching the driver.

After the driver yelled expletives and got back in his ute, the driver of the van then threw his coffee at the ute, the witness claimed.

The video was said to have been taken after the van then got stuck in traffic.

“He must have cut him off,” the witness said.

“We saw the guy in the white ute throw his coffee at that car and started to follow him.

“First he got out and started swearing at him and got back in his ute. Then the other guy decided drive past him to throw his coffee at the ute and run away but then got caught in traffic.”

The incident took place at around 6.30am last Wednesday.

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