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MAFS fans believe former couple accidentally leaked baby name

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Speculation has started to emerge over the baby name of one expecting former MAFS couple, after fans believed one half of the duo accidentally leaked the name online.

Martha Kalifatidis and Michael Brunelli revealed in September they were expecting a child, and Martha took to her Instagram story to do a question and answer with fans.

One of the questions was whether the couple’s baby name would be Greek or Italian in origin.

“He has an Italian name, because he was conceived in Italy … potentially in the lil room,” Martha said, accompanying her reply with a photo of herself in a bikini with Michael laying behind her on a hotel room bed.

She also shared a photo from her baby book, which included a note from the 34-year-old’s mother.

“Dearest Guiseppe, you are my first grandchild, you will be forever loved and spoiled,” Martha’s mother, Mary wrote.

Underneath, there was a note that began with “Dear Odi” from another loved one to the former reality television couple.

Instagram account Influencer Updates Australia took to the social media application to question if Martha had inadvertently revealed the name of their son.

“Did @marthaa__k accidentally reveal the name of her unborn baby boy,” the account questioned.

“Today she shared that he has an Italian name and yesterday she shared a page from her baby shower photo album where her mum called him Guiseppe.”

Other social media users thought the same.

“There was a little emblem on a sign at the baby shower that had the initials ‘MGM’. G for Guiseppe,” one speculated.

Another said: “It could be Joseph too? English form or Giuseppe?”

But others disputed it.

“I heard her on the radio saying that Guiseppe was a name that Mary has given him but it’s not his name,” one said.

“This was in answer to being asked, ‘What is a name you won’t be using for your baby.’”

Another social media user drew on her own experience, saying that her father calls her unborn baby the feminine version of his name.

“He just stirs the pot thinking we will call this baby after him but girl version. Maybe his nickname is Giuseppe while he is in the tummy. Not uncommon for people to name their baby while they’re inside but not actually call them that,” the woman said.

Another pointed out: “One of the messages also says dear Odi we cant wait to meet you.” has contacted Martha for comment.

Earlier this week, Martha shared with her followers that she and Michael were having a baby boy.

Despite appearing over the moon on social media, the mum-to-be spoke openly about her real and raw experience of feeling “devastated” after finding out the gender.

“Guys I was 100 per cent sure I was having a girl, like I had only opened girl clothing tabs on my phone, I was so convinced,’ she told KISS FM’s Will & Woody.

‘There was no chance in my mind it was going to be a boy, I had planned my whole life for this girl.

“I’ll be so honest with you guys. At the beginning, I was devastated, like I was so upset. It took me a few days to like come to terms with it.”

Although rarely spoke about, both genders can experience gender disappointment when having a child, with some experts suggesting that around one-in-five women have gone through this phenomenon.

Martha has been praised for speaking about the fact she has been up and down health wise, spending days stuck on the couch.

With their March due date fast approaching, the pair shared the gender of their child on Instagram yesterday in a heartwarming video, writing “Oh boy, do we have news.”

In the short clip, Martha showed off her baby bump before the video cut to a sonogram where the couple asked the sonologist “not to tell” them the gender of the baby.

However, the Sydney couple later revealed the novel way they learnt their first child’s gender: they asked a jeweller to make a diamond ring with either blue or pink gems in it.

As clips of Martha sporting her baby bump played over the screen, there were recordings of friends and family’s voices declaring they thought the baby would be a boy.

Eventually Martha, who is now eight months pregnant, decides to open the box revealing a blue and diamond ring.

“It’s a boy,” Michael shouted.

“Oh my god, it’s a boy,” Martha said at the same time, before it cut to a clip of them cuddling and celebrating.

Hundreds rushed to congratulate the couple on the news on their social media post.

“Congratulations,” former MAFS co-star Jules Robinson commented on the post, while fitness influencer Steph Claire Smith left heart eye emojis.

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