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MAFS Australia star Olivia Frazer hits out at critics of her new lips

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Former Married At First Sight star Olivia Frazer excitedly showed off her new look on Instagram this week.

The teacher turned OnlyFans model, from Newcastle, revealed she recently received 1ml of filler in her lips, sharing what she described as “super super subtle” results to her 186,000 followers.

However, the ‘villain’ of last year’s dating show has been forced to defend herself today, saying she received an “outpouring of hate” over her tweaked appearance.

“To say I’m disgusted by the outpouring of hate I’ve got for a measly 1ml of filler would be an understatement,” Olivia wrote on her Instagram story.

“I got a tiny bit of filler to restore volume I’ve lost with age. I haven’t ‘over done’ it. And if I had, it’s rude to comment. Mind your manners people. Don’t make me block you.”

She went on to share a series of photos of her lips pre-filler, sharing how her pout was always plump before “stress and age took its toll”.

“Forgive me for wanting my pre-trauma face back,” she added, seemingly referencing her controversial appearance on MAFS.

Olivia will go down in MAFS villain folklore following her scandalous feature on the ninth season of the show in 2022, which saw her lose her job as a teaching student.

At the centre of the multiple controversies was the infamous nude photo scandal, which saw Olivia accused of “sl*t-shaming” fellow bride Domenica Calarco after secretly sharing a nude photo of her.

Olivia previously admitted she was “blindsided” by the way the drama was portrayed on the show.

“I mentioned [the nude image] to my producer who didn’t think it was a big deal either, and didn’t think I thought it was a big deal … and I was just really blindsided by production because they were putting words in my mouth and saying I did it out of revenge,” she said on Mamamia’s No Filter podcast.

“That ‘revenge’ word is such a massive trigger … like, they’ve got my face on the ad with the big red ‘revenge’ title above it … That’s a really serious accusation, and that’s not what happened.”

Ultimately, she left the experiment still dating her TV ‘husband’ Jackson Lonie, however the pair announced their split a few months after the finale aired in April last year.

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