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MAFS Australia 2023: Viewers call for Harrison to be kicked off show after dinner party saga

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Viewers are calling for Harrison Boon to be kicked off Married At First Sight after he was labelled a “snake” for his behaviour at last night’s dinner party.

The NSW builder, 32, managed to somewhat exonerate himself from a phone number scandal while throwing an innocent groom under the bus in the process.

Long story short, Janelle Han overheard a phone chat between Harrison and her TV ‘husband’ Adam Seed, in which Harrison had gossiped about himself and fellow groom Dan Hunjas getting girls numbers on a night out at the pub.

But Janelle only heard the part about Dan getting someone’s number, and felt compelled to tell Dan’s unsuspecting wife Sandy Jawanda about it.

From there, it slowly unravelled Dan didn’t get anyone’s number, and it was just Harrison who was involved after letting everyone believe it was Dan. Harrison, who is ‘married’ to Bronte Schofield, swiftly claimed it was a storm in a teacup and that he immediately deleted the woman’s number.

Harrison even tried to put words in Dan’s mouth during a private conversation, saying “Janelle overheard my conversation about those girls on Saturday night. And I just told them that we deleted their numbers as soon as we walked off.”

Dan repeatedly explained to Harrison he didn’t get anyone’s number, “Mate, I didn’t even take that number so I was all fine.”

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In a bid to be respectful toward his partner, Dan rushed to tell Sandy what was happening, which caused friction in their relationship as she stormed out of the dinner party.

MAFS experts John Aiken, Mel Schilling and Alessandra Rampolla were in utter disbelief watching the deceit unfold.

“A snake!” Schilling said. “Harrison just sat there … and completely lied. It wasn’t Dan! It was Harrison all along.”

Viewers have since taken to social media to dub Harrison one of the most frustrating contestants in MAFS’ ten-year history, as they called for him to be booted from the show:

Speaking on 2DAY FM’s Hughesy, Ed & Erin Thursday morning, Harrison insisted Dan was his “best mate” and that he didn’t throw him under the bus.

“I just think that it’s so funny that the experts are sitting in their chairs in the other room putting it all on me, and pretending like I’m throwing Dan under the bus,” Harrison said.

“Dan’s one of my best mates… There’s no way I’d throw my mate under the bus to protect myself. The way it happened is how I said it happened.

“The idea of Dan being the innocent one is so funny.”

Meanwhile, Aiken insisted holding Harrison to account at Sunday night’s commitment ceremony, which judging by a teaser trailer, is going to be the most explosive episode yet.

“We’ve had people in this group who haven’t been transparent, they haven’t been honest, they tried to manipulate the narrative, and frankly flat-out lie,” he said.

“We’re going to sit them down, all of them, and hold people accountable whether they like it or not.”

Aiken previously revealed on The Chrissie Swan Show that Harrison’s ongoing antics will “beat” everything we’ve seen in a decade of the show.

“There’s been some rippers, [but] Harrison this year … I’m gonna say he is the most memorable that I can think of over the 10 years, and I can’t tell you why, but I can say he is an alpha personality, who is unapologetic and he will say and do things that you will be shocked by,” Aiken said.

Married At First Sight continues Sunday at 7pm on Nine

Story Credit: news.com.au

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