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MAFS 2023: Jesse accuses Claire of cheating with Adam

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Viewers have slammed a groom for demanding to see his wife’s phone during an alleged cheating scandal that erupted on Wednesday night’s Married At First Sight.

On the show, marriage celebrant Jesse Burford, 30, sensationally claimed that bride Claire Nomarhas, 31, were unfaithful during a drunken night out. He insisted that Claire cheated on him with another groom, Adam Seed, after a night out at a pub.

The furious husband claimed the pair were touching each other’s arms and appeared to be flirty, before walking out of the pub together. Claire and Adam, however, denied his allegations.

“A bunch of us decided to go out to a pub and to have some drinks,” Jesse explained in a video diary.

“Adam rocked up and walks over to Claire. Where it became a problem for me was when they left the table, the two of them to go outside, and to be alone.

“Claire goes missing. From the pub back to our hotel where the f*** is she?”

Jesse later said he heard her on the phone to a man that sounded like Adam, who is English.

“She eventually walks in the door, she’s got the phone on loudspeaker, and I heard this big bellowing laugh.

“A typical Adam like laugh and I said, ‘Who are you on the phone with?’ before Claire quickly ended the call.”

So Jesse got out of bed and went to Adam’s hotel room to confront him about being allegedly busted on the phone with Claire, which he denied.

“I go and bang on his door. And I said, ‘Who the f*** are you on the phone to?’’ He, was like, ‘What the f*** is going on? Let’s sit down. Let’s talk about it.’’”

Jesse also demanded to see his phone, which he refused. He then demanded to see Claire’s phone, she too denied that request.

“I lost my s***, I could not control my anger. Why the f*** would you do that,” Jesse said about the situation.

“I still don’t trust her.

“I’ll never know for sure what happened last night with Adam … I’m somewhat suspicious because they are planting seeds of doubt.

“I said Claire you’re f***ed, because she’s lying to me.”

Meanwhile, Claire was waiting for an apology.

“You don’t trust me, you need to go work on your trust issues,” Claire said.

She called him “jealous”.

Viewers found Jesse’s actions overbearing and strange for someone who claims to not be into the other person.

However, others thought it interesting that Claire refused to answer his questions or show him her phone.

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