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MAFS 2023: Fans slam Bronte after Harrison busted

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It was a truly shocking moment on Wednesday night’s Married At First Sight, a husband had seemingly wronged his wife but instead of having sympathy for her, many viewers have turning against her.

That’s because fans are struggling to figure out why Bronte stayed so cool calm and collected amid explosive revelations about her husband Harrison during the dinner party.

In an ironic twist, Harrison was very confident he wouldn’t be the centre of attention this time, and yet the builder’s antics yet again outraged the group – and viewers – worse than ever before.

As fellow contestant Melinda so eloquently summed up the events of the evening: “This is legit. I reckon this tops the chart as the dumbest story I’ve ever heard from the Harrison saga.”

And if you’ve been watching since the start of the show, you’ll know that’s saying a lot.

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Harrison decided to let fellow husband Dan take the fall for him when he discovered that some members of the group had heard he’d gotten another woman’s phone number while on a night out.

They had mistakenly thought it was Dan who’s taken down the number, when in fact it was Harrison, but he didn’t correct them straight away and by the end of the episode Dan’s wife Sandy still did not know the truth as she had left the table earlier.

“Why would I give her my phone number? I’d have to be an idiot!” he told the group. “I feel like, in that situation, I did the right thing – I didn’t give her MY number, I took hers!”

“Like, I get hit on when I go out. And I didn’t wanna reject her in front of the boys. So I gave her my phone just to humour her.”

Expert Mel Schilling yelled “a snake” at the footage of the dinner party events playing out.

What was perhaps even more shocking though was what happened next – Harrison’s wife Bronte blew off the whole saga like it was nothing because he’s handsome and what happened was just normal, apparently.

Viewers were simply shocked, however, with some even blaming Bronte for enabling his behaviour, which others thought she was protecting her mental health by refusing to engage with him.

Others asked where her pride was, or accused her of only being so relaxed about the incident because she wants to stay in the show and earn more Instagram followers.

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