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Longtime LNP donor sells island escape but keeps its neighbour

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Longtime political party donor Ian Macallister has sold a property he bought on Bribie Island during Covid-19.

Long time LNP donor Ian Macallister has sold a beachfront Bribie hideaway he bought during the pandemic, but he hasn’t given up on the holiday spot yet, keeping the house next door.

He sold a four bedroom, four bathroom, five car garage home at White Patch for $1.5m last weekend – making a $100,000 gain in just over two years.

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The beach is just across the road.

The entryway and stairs leading to the kitchen zone.

Looking back towards the home from part of the way down the backyard.

The home sits on a 2,023sq m block across the road from the beach, and is surrounded by similar sized properties including one that he still owns next door.

Property records shows Mr Macallister bought a five bedroom home in White Patch in July 2020 for $1.3m, then went on to buy the house next door for $1.4m five months later – which is the one he has now sold.

Part of the entertainment space in the back of the house.

A Bali style hut created further down the backyard.

Mr Macallister made one of the biggest real estate deals of his life when he sold land near Upper Kedron for $68m after zoning concerns were ironed out for future development.


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