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London puppy saved from getting stuck in designer store window

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Dramatic footage of a small dog being rescued after getting wedged in the window of a designer store has gone viral.

Shoppers were left in disbelief after the puppy fell between the store’s large windows and a sign on the first floor of the Miu Miu store on London’s prestigious Bond Street.

Passers-by looked on in horror as staff rushed to aid the pup, who was thankfully rescued by a quick-thinking employee who used a hanger to hook the doggo up to safety by its harness.

Footage has since spread on social media, with clips clocking up millions of views and a stream of comments.

Many poked fun at the situation, declaring it a “chic emergency” – while others expressed distress at the confronting clips.

“I would be bawling my eyes out,” one dog lover declared.

“The way I would let them hang me upside down to get that puppy,” another commented.

As another added: “Imagine the poor puppy’s thoughts when it first fell.”

The employee who rescued the pup also received a lot of praise, with many stating she was an “effective problem solver”.

In the footage posted to TikTok, she can be seen fetching a coat hanger then stretching her reach out in an attempt to snag the dog’s harness, before pulling it to safety in what appears to be an effortless job.

“I hope if she ever interviews and asks about a time she solved a problem she uses this,” one remarked.

“She’s a good problem solver for sure,” another agreed.

Someone else stated: “Can we talk about the level of reach she had my God!”

However, many were just confused as to how the dog fell down the gap in the first place, asking why it wasn’t on a lead.

“People need to stop taking their dogs off-leash on the street,” one wrote.

“Thank god the dog was wearing a jacket,” another person said.

Mostly though, people said the viral clips – which have amassed over 10 million views combined – were a “sign” they needed to buy a designer item.

“It’s like the expensive version of hook a duck,” one joked.

“They need to change the name to woof woof now,” another laughed.

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