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Lecanemab: Drug effectively treats Alzheimer’s

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A drug to beat dementia has been proven to work for the first time. Tests found the treatment, called lecanemab, slows memory-robbing Alzheimer’s.

It acts by clearing out proteins which build up in the brain and cause the disease, The Sun reports.

There are currently no treatments for the condition and dozens of studies have failed.

Japanese drug firm Eisai and Biogen, in the US, say their jab helps stave off nerve damage and buys sufferers extra time.

In tests 900 people given the drug over 18 months recorded brain scores 27 per cent higher.

Alzheimer’s Research UK said: “This is a historic moment for dementia research.

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“This is the first drug that’s been shown to not only remove the build-up of protein, but to have a significant impact on cognitive decline.

Dementia expert Prof Rob Howard, of University College London, added: “God knows, we’ve waited long enough for this.”

Eisai said it plans to apply for approval early next year, the first step to getting it rolled out to patients.

But the jab will be expensive and it could take years for the NHS to roll out. The treatment can also cause severe side effects including deadly brain bleeds, which medics will have to weigh against the benefits.

It cannot cure Alzheimer’s but could buy patients precious months or even years of extra time before they lose their faculties.

This article was originally published by The Sun and reproduced with permission

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