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Lady Colin Campbell slams Meghan Markle on Dan Wootton Tonight over ‘Duchess Difficult’ whinge

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A royal expert has slammed Meghan Markle following her recent podcast episode about “difficult” women.

In the latest episode of her Spotify series Archetypes, the Duchess of Sussex appeared to hit back at her “Duchess Difficult” nickname – slamming it as a “codeword for b***h”.

The former Suits actress said the word “difficult” is used to “gaslight” strong women.

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During Friday’s episode of UK news channel GB News’ Dan Wootton Tonight, available to stream on Flash, controversial royal biographer Lady Colin Campbell reacted to Meghan’s comments.

The author urged the royal to change her demeanour.

“Some people might say I’m awkward or difficult to deal with, very few people say I’m a b***h,” Lady Campbell said on the program.

“Meghan, people says she’s a b***h because she’s a b***h, they also say she is difficult because she is difficult.”

The royal insider added: “She’s pushy, she is tasteless, she seems to have created these podcasts as a platform to deny every failing that she has that the world knows about.

“I mean if the woman wants to deny all her feelings, change her demeanour.

“And between now and then stop boring us with all sorts of self-serving rubbish.

“She is both difficult and a b***h.”

Lady Colin Campbell is not the only person to criticise Meghan’s comments.

Earlier this week, US journalist Megyn Kelly blasted the Duchess, branding her “clueless”.

“And we are supposed to give a damn if someone is calling [Meghan] the b-word or difficult?” the former Fox News presenter fumed on Dan Wootton Tonight.

“We don’t, she doesn’t get it. No one gives a damn about these non-problems.

“She should stop complaining and start showing some gratitude for what appears to be a very beautiful life of which she finds nothing to celebrate.

“We don’t care. Shut up! Stop talking about yourself and show some humility and gratitude.”

The “Duchess Difficult” label stretches back to 2018 following rumours about Meghan’s “dictatorial” behaviour and 5am emails to staff – which led to an aide quitting.

Samantha Cohen, nicknamed “Samantha the Panther” for her feisty attitude, left her role after the birth of Harry and Meghan’s son Archie in 2019.

At the beginning of the podcast Meghan said: “What these people are implying when they use that very charged word, is that this woman: ‘Oh, she’s difficult’.

“Which is really just a euphemism or is probably not even a euphemism. It’s really a codeword for the B-word.”

Speaking further on the word “difficult” Meghan said: “My friend said to me, there’s a certain point when you come to terms with the fact that not everyone is going to like you.

“The goal can’t be for everyone to like you, but the goal can be for them to respect you.”

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