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Kyle Sandilands will ‘never’ speak to Harry Connick Jr again after stunt gone wrong

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Kyle Sandilands has hit out at fellow Australian Idol judge Harry Connick Jr., saying he will “never” speak to him again after a lighthearted prank gone wrong.

The 51-year-old KIIS FM co-host, who earlier claimed the pair didn’t see eye-to-eye while filming the auditions late last year, today expanded on rift claims, revealing the US singer stormed off-set over something that was meant to be “fun”.

In a deleted Idol scene posted to Kyle and Jackie O’s official Instagram page, KIIS staffer ‘Intern Pete’ Deppeler could be seen auditioning for the series in disguise wearing a face mask and sunglasses.

Deppeler sang Harry Styles’ hit Watermelon Sugar – with Sandilands seemingly having no idea it was his colleague behind the woeful singing voice.

Connick Jr. was nowhere to be seen during the mock audition, with Sandilands flanked by fellow judges Meghan Trainor and Amy Shark.

Speaking on his radio show on Wednesday morning, Sandilands said Connick Jr. was “not into jokes” and was unhappy when he realised the audition was fake.

“Harry stood up and said, ‘Oh, my God, we’re better than this’, and walked off the set,” Sandilands said.

“I’m never speaking to him again. I’m not saying a word to him on the show, I’m not even acknowledging his existence.”

Jackie ‘O’ Henderson then claimed she heard that Connick Jr. requested footage of him reacting to the audition be deleted by Seven producers.

In the lead up to the rebooted series’ premiere in late January, Sandilands claimed he and Connick Jr. had a blow-up during filming.

Sandilands’ explained that things were “prickly” between him and the Grammy-winning artist from the get-go.

“I didn’t mind him … I don’t feel he got the vibe of me,” Sandilands said on KIIS FM’s Will & Woody.

“Personally, I don’t think he gelled with me. If someone doesn’t like you, and you feel it, you just don’t like them automatically,” he added.

While filming wrapped last year, the duo will be forced to reunite this Friday to film the top 50 contestants battle it out in Sydney, with live shows to follow.

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