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Kyle Sandilands grills Today’s Allison Langdon on big A Current Affair rumour during live interview

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After weeks of speculation, Allison Langdon has finally addressed reports she’s switching roles to host A Current Affair – thanks to an impromptu on-air grilling by Kyle Sandilands on her own show.

Ally and Karl Stefanovic invited Kyle on their breakfast program on Monday following news his radio co-host, Jackie ‘O’ Henderson, was taking a break from their show to address ongoing health issues.

But the interview was quickly flipped back onto Ally herself, with Kyle demanding to know whether the persistent rumours she’s set to replace Tracy Grimshaw as ACA host next year were true.

“Are you doing A Current Affair? Just tell us. Have they spoken to you about A Current Affair?” Kyle asked bluntly, leaving Ally squirming as she tried to fob it off with a laugh.

“I am going to do the Today show, do A Current Affair and coach the Wallabies … and I reckon I can be the Premier of Victoria,” she joked.

But Kyle wasn’t letting it go, repeating his question again.

“Let’s stop the speculation. Are you doing A Current Affair? Or has Jackie (Henderson) gone off to do A Current Affair? I don’t know. Just tell us,” he demanded.

“I think (ACA) might be Jackie’s gig,” Ally laughed, adding that she couldn’t possibly leave Karl.

“Because I sit next to this face, and who could leave this face?”

“Well his face has been left before, multiple times,” Kyle joked.

“He can’t afford any more therapy bills, I will stay and annoy him,” Ally responded.

Kyle then made one last attempt to get a straight answer, asking her bluntly: “Are you doing it or not?”

“Far out!” Ally said, laughing, before Karl jumped in: “With all this questioning, he should be doing A Current Affair!”

Earlier in their chat, Kyle opened up further on his co-host’s health struggles, explaining that Jackie had told him she couldn’t shake the flu that had been troubling her for weeks.

“She’s been coughing like a sailor’s wife, like an old cigarette-smoking type of old lady,” he said. “The poor thing has been struggling and couldn’t get the chest infection away.

“God bless her, she said, ‘I just feel like I’m letting everyone down’ and I said, ‘The only person you’re letting down is yourself if you don’t take care of yourself first!’”

Kyle then threw in a cheeky dig at Ally, who has been absent from Today on several occasions recently: “Not like Ally, who’s never there.”

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