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Kmart announces change to kids’ bubbles after woman’s petition

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A woman has been left feeling victorious after she demanded one major brand change the shape of a children’s product.

Kristine Ranger created a petition after discovering Kmart Australia was selling bubble solution to children in containers that replicated soft drink bottles.

“Selling bubble solution to children in drink bottles is monumentally stupid! It defies all logic and common sense, and presents an unnecessary risk to children,” Ms Ranger wrote.

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“Selling bubble solution in drink bottles stands in direct contrast to the poisoning prevention advice given to parents – that is, not to ‘put chemicals like detergents … into empty soft drink or juice bottles’.

“Bubble solution in any packaging presents an obvious an inherent safety risk to children – specifically, that it may accidentally be consumed. Bubble solution in this packaging, however, practically invites children to drink it.”

She said she raised the issue to Kmart Australia privately but her concerns were dismissed, so she launched the petition as Kmart “has a responsibility to do better, a responsibility to help our children safe”.

She asked Kmart to initiate a voluntary recall of the product.

With only 26 signatures, the petition made a change with Kmart issuing a statement.

“At Kmart, we take product safety extremely seriously. We have sold our Premium Bubbles Solution for many years – with no known incidents involving children mistaking the product as a drink bottle,” the spokesperson told

“The bubble solution is in a small bottle and sold within our toy section. It has clear warnings and requires adult supervision.

“We have taken the customer feedback on board and are adjusting the bottle shape in future orders next year.

“We always appreciate customer feedback and encourage any customer to reach out to us through our customer service team.”

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