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KFC releases snack pack as secret menu item

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A secret menu item at one fried chicken fast food restaurant is making mouths water.

Social media users have been posting about the KSP – Kentucky Snack Pack – from KFC.

Dozens of videos from TikTok users such as @KFCSam and @nectoriouspapi have raved about the product.

The KSP features hot chips, popcorn chicken and supercharged sauce.

TikTok user @darcyomalley said she picked her snack pack up in south Perth after logging on to the secret menu part of the KFC app.

She said she paid $5.95 for the snack pack, and an additional $1.50 for a Mountain Dew Freeze.

“This looks off its t**s,” she said.

“And like, a huge amount. I thought it was going to be tiny because it’s $5.95 but no this is huge.”

Darcy said she had tried to recreate it at home but it didn’t work out, but the actual KSP is “so good” and “so fresh”.

She added that the supercharged sauce added a bit of a kick to the item.

“I want this to be on the permanent menu,” she said.

“You’ve got to get this.”

Social media users were inclined to agree with Darcy’s sentiments.

“This would be immaculate while hungover,” one social media user commented.

One person said it needed gravy rather than the supercharge sauce.

Another said: “Man, that’s a heart attack in a box but it’s worth digging my grave for.”

Another social media user added: “I’ve been eating this for the past five days. It’s sooo good.”

“My mouth is watering. Watching this on repeat while I dream about lunch tomorrow,” one person said.

Sally Spriggs, CMO at KFC Australia, told news.com.au: “For our diehard fans, they know our Secret Menu on the KFC App delivers indulgent treats.

“Our latest drop – the Kentucky Snack Pack – is no exception, packed with mouth-watering morsels of Popcorn Chicken, our signature chippies and a hearty drizzle of our iconic Supercharged Sauce.

“Like all good things, it won’t be hanging around for long, so jump onto the KFC App to get your hands on this fiery treat. Sure, we’ve told you before, but we’ll tell you again, keep a close eye on our Secret Menu as you never know when the next delicious number might drop!”

Story Credit: news.com.au

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