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Katherine Deves Coogee rainbow picture backfires

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A social media post by controversial lawyer and failed Liberal Warringah candidate Katherine Deves has backfired with social media users quick to use the opportunity to slam her.

Deves posted what appeared to be an innocuous snap on Twitter of the 50m rainbow walkway at the steps of the lower promenade at Sydney’s Coogee Beach, which was painted for the opening of Mardi Gras season last year.

But the post backfired with social media users quick to reference Deves’ past comments on transgender young people.

The former lawyer made national headlines during the 2022 federal election campaign after past social media posts of hers emerged where she described trans children as “surgically mutilated and sterilised” and likening anti-trans activism to standing up against the Holocaust.

Scientist Dr Darren Saunders urged Deves to “take your hatred elsewhere” while journalist Lavendar Baj opined that if Deves spent “less time getting upset about colours and more time on issues that matter” she might have been “good enough to win the election”.

Another went even further: “Politically speaking, you are at best, a blimp on the radar and at worst a fart in the wind that will be long forgotten”.

Another user Garth asked if Deves was “feeling triggered”?

“Geez you’ll be catatonic when World Pride starts,” they wrote.

Others questioned whether taxpayer money should have been used for the art installation.

“I’ve seen pictures of this kind of thing elsewhere, and it doesn’t wear well,” Katrina Biggs wrote.

“In no time at all, it looks tacky from all the wear and tear. It’s a waste of rate-payers money, which could be better spent on longer lasting improvements elsewhere.”

Another queried whether a beach was the right place for a political statement:

“This used to be my local beach, why do they think public beaches are an appropriate space to make a political statement,” they wrote. was first to reveal Deves had deleted her Twitter account after she joined the race for preselection as the candidate for Warringah last year.

Deleted posts included graphic images of a topless transgender teenager who had their breasts surgically removed.

The deleted tweets read: “They will not stand for seeing vulnerable children surgically mutilated and sterilised,” and contained a photograph of a teenager who had undergone top surgery.

“The lawsuits will be legion, as will be the government inquiries. Complete failure of safeguarding. Mark my words.”

Scott Morrison plucked Ms Deves from obscurity as a “captain’s pick” candidate for the Sydney seat which was won by independent Zali Steggall.

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