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Justin John Meale pleads not guilty to murder of Clinton Pollock on Father’s Day 2018

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“Increasing hostilities” between two men ended in one being gunned down outside his home on Father’s Day after a drug and weapon deal went awry, a jury has been told.

Clinton “Rocky” Pollock, 35, died from a fatal gunshot wound sustained outside his home in Deception Bay in 2018.

Justin John Meale is facing a single charge of murder over Mr Pollock’s death.

He pleaded not guilty to the charge on the first day of his trial at Brisbane Supreme Court on Monday.

The jury was told Meale arrived at Mr Pollock’s house in Deception Bay, north of Brisbane, about 11.30pm on September 2, 2018.

Crown prosecutor Danny Boyle said Meale had earlier agreed to sell ice to Mr Pollock in exchange for some bullets, with an associate facilitating the deal.

But tensions between the pair increased when Mr Pollock did not receive the drug, Mr Boyle said.

Mr Boyle said texts between the pair showed “increasing hostilities” had developed throughout the afternoon.

In one message Mr Pollock asks “Where’s my f–king bullets?” and threatens to “spray” Meale’s house with bullets.

In another he tells Meale he has 15 bullets and warns him not to “go mouthing off”.

The jury was told Meale was carrying a sawn-off .22 rifle when he arrived at Mr Pollock’s house that night and was joined by three others.

“The four men stood near Clinton’s gate … the defendant shouted ‘How dare you threaten my family’,” Mr Boyle said.

“Clinton said ‘How dare you try and rip me off’.”

Mr Boyle said Meale then shot an “unarmed” Mr Pollock in the torso after the “hostile” verbal exchange.

He later died from his wounds.

Police found pieces of the dismantled gun and bullets dumped in the waters near the Shorncliffe jetty.

“The prosecution allege the defendant is liable for the murder because he caused the death of Clinton Pollock by shooting him with a rifle, and did so with intent to cause death or grievous bodily harm,” Mr Boyle said.

The jury was told Meale lied initially lied about his alleged involvement in the shooting but later claimed Mr Pollock “threatened” him.

Mr Boyle said Meale told police Mr Pollock had walked out with one hand in his pocket and he “jerked” and shot him in response.

He says Meale explains he thought he shot Mr Pollock in the shoulder to “teach him a lesson” and “wound” him.

Mr Boyle said Meale told police, “I shouldn’t have shot him, I obviously f–king got him too good, and dead now”.

Defence barrister Greg McGuire said four words could sum up the trial: “Drugs, guns, testosterone and stupidity”.

“There is no dispute Justin Meale shot Clinton Pollock, and that he’s dead,” Mr McGuire said.

“It’s almost like something out of the Wild West.”

Mr McGuire said it was patently obvious Mr Pollock was “not happy” when he did not receive his drugs.

He told the jury would hear evidence Mr Meale offered to give the bullets back to him because of the difficulties getting the methylamphetamine.

Mr McGuire said the arrangement broke down following a meeting between the pair where Mr Pollock noticed Meale was carrying the gun.

“There’s three verdicts that will be open to you,” he said.

“Murder, that is, an unlawful killing, so he wasn’t acting in self-defence.

“Or if you’re not satisfied with that beyond a reasonable doubt … you can find him guilty or not guilty of manslaughter.”

Mr McGuire a major focus of the trial would be whether his client was acting in self-defence at the time of the incident.

He said they would hear evidence from Mr Pollock’s sister reached into his bum bag before the shooting and that she believed he was “reaching for his phone”.

Mr McGuire said it would “largely” come down to what the jury would make of Meale during his interviews.

“There are many hours of interviews … eventually he tells his side of the story,” he said.

The trial, before Justice Thomas Bradley, continues.

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