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Jason Momoa strips near-naked on Jimmy Kimmel Live

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Jason Momoa is baring it all — again.

The Aquaman star, 43, stripped down in the middle of his interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live, wearing nothing but his traditional Hawaiian malo.

“I actually don’t even like wearing clothes anymore,” Momoa told Kimmel, 54, on the show’s latest episode, referencing a recent eye-catching Instagram post.

“I’m in it every day. I wear it all the time,” the actor continued, explaining that he began wearing the underwear-like garment while filming his Apple TV+ series, Chief of War.

“It’s all 1780s, 1790s Hawaii. That’s what I wear every day. I was just getting ready for the role and I like to get into character and so I was tanning my white arse,” he added.

Kimmel chimed in, asking, “Are you wearing this under your clothes right now?” to which Momoa responded, “Of course.”

The former Game of Thrones star, who was wearing his costume from the upcoming Netflix film Slumberland, began taking it all off.

He stood up while the studio audience cheered, and left little to the imagination as he removed the purple satin pyjama set, and turned his backside to face the crowd.

“Let me tell you, I never felt more like Danny DeVito than I do right now,” Kimmel quipped.

Momoa first shocked fans with the butt-baring look in an Instagram post last month.

“Sunday funday. amazing time with da ohana,” he captioned a post a few weeks ago, which showed him on a fishing trip with his pal.

“Big mahalo to captain hopper and J for helping us catch some aku. dried aku all week,” he continued in the caption of the post, which featured him wearing the tiny loin cloth garment.

“Jason what in that thong thong thong song is going on here,” one fan joked in the comments section, while another added, “Big Mahalo for that loin cloth flapping in the wind!”

“Move that fish, I’m trying to see something,” a third follower hilariously joked.

This story originally appeared on Page Six and is republished here with permission.

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