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Jacqui Lambie prepared to lose her dignity to keep up with major parties

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An infamous picture of Jacqui Lambie chowing down on a dagwood dog has been put back up for sale, with the politician joking it would be the perfect Christmas gift.

The snap is accompanied by the tongue-in-cheek caption “politicians don’t have to suck” and will be hand signed by the Tasmanian.

Senator Lambie told NCA NewsWire that she had been hounded to put the prints back up for grabs.

“It’s very embarrassing for me, but everyone else seems to enjoy it so go figure. It’ll look great up on the wall next to the print of me and Clive,” she said, referring to the prints of the 2015 oil painting of her as Princess Leia riding Clive Palmer as Jabba the Hutt.

It will set fans back a cool $30 for an A3 print and $50 for the photo in all its A2-sized glory.

The Tasmanian originally shared the cheeky snap of her eating the fried sausage to social media in the lead-up to the 2019 election.

“You guys know I like my sausage!” she wrote on Facebook at the time.

Senator Lambie first put the snap up for sale last year in a bid to help fund her re-election campaign.

The Tasmanian senator said the money raised would go directly into the Jacqui Lambie Network coffers.

“I don’t take political donations from the big boys. We’ve got to find a way to go toe-to-toe with the major parties at elections,” she told NCA NewsWire.

“So this is what it comes down to: losing my dignity by selling these posters. But if that’s what it takes, then I’m all in.”

For those interested in getting their hands on the dagwood collector, you’ll have to act fast.

“I’m told the posters are walking out the door, so people better get in quick if they want a piece of Jacqui Lambie,” she added.

Earlier this year, Senator Lambie gave credit to Liberal leader Peter Dutton after pictures of him tucking into the same tasty treat at the Queensland show caused quite the stir.

“I can see this bloke’s a graduate of the Jacqui Lambie school of eating a dagwood dog,” she joked.

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