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Isabel Lucas explains Covid vaccine refusal in Stellar Magazine

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Australian actress Isabel Lucas has given her first major interview about her controversial decision not to receive the Covid vaccination.

The former Home and Away star, who has made headlines in recent years for her divisive views against hot-button topics like vaccination and 5G networks, opened up about her views in a cover story for the latest issue of Stellar Magazine, out today.

Lucas, who confirmed that she remains unvaccinated against Covid despite having had “several” other vaccines in the past, said she knew it was “highly likely I won’t work for years” if she spoke openly about her choices.

“What might be right for you may not be right for me, but it’s not right that either of us are being stripped of the freedom to choose,” she said. “I feel that strongly.

“And trust me, I avoid conflict at all costs, but there’s been, in my experience over the past two or three years, a grand contradiction in our culture where everyone is finally talking about diversity and inclusion, and it’s such a wonderful thing to celebrate.

“But how does that really play out in real life?

“Our relationship with our body is very personal and it’s deeply complex and so are our choices, and we’re claiming to engage in conversations about inclusion and diversity – you know, gender, religion, sexuality, race – without allowing our beliefs or observations to be acknowledged.

“The diversity of choice is yet to be included, in my experience.”

But Lucas was also challenged on her choices, with the Stellar journalist asking how exactly she reconciled her decision not to get the Covid vaccination with the fact she could have harmed the greater good.

Lucas insisted she was making a sacrifice, given her decision to remain unvaccinated could see her “possibly not working for years ahead”. She said the prevailing culture of the pandemic felt “coercive”.

“I’ve always been highly sensitive and guided by my intuition,” she said.

“I’ve based a lot of my choices and my decisions in my life purely on this internal compass.

“I’ve learnt how to listen to it and how to adhere to it and I also learnt that when I don’t listen to it, there are negative repercussions.”

Lucas frequently made headlines throughout the pandemic for her outspoken views on Covid vaccination – in April 2020, she was dramatically dropped over her views by a charity she had partnered with just weeks earlier.

And last year she publicly declared her support for controversial ex-MKR chef Pete Evans, comparing him to both JFK and Jesus.

Read the full interview with Isabel Lucas in today’s issue of Stellar, free inside the Sunday Telegraph and Sunday Herald Sun.

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