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is it illegal to park over a footpath in Australia?

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It all started with a simple walk down the street, shopping bags in hand and baby in tow, but for one Queensland mum, it was a journey fraught with irritation.

The mum, who filmed the issue and posted it on TikTok under the handle @emzy_mumzy, sighed in frustration as the footage showed her pushing her baby in a pram with a parked car sticking out across the footpath ahead of her.

“This is what I’m met with, every single f***ing day,” she said.

“Every single day I go shopping, there’s some idiot parked on the footpath.”

She then veered on to the grass as she manoeuvred the pram around the car, while letting the world know exactly how she felt.

She posted a video on TikTok, with the caption: “When you’re just trying to do your grocery shopping, but the footpath is blocked by inconsiderate drivers!”

The video quickly went viral, clocking up 160,000 views and counting.

The comments section was a mixed bag, with some users offering sarcastic “thoughts and prayers” for the mum, while others saw the funny side.

“Did you just manoeuvre around that with one hand and your phone in the other?” one user joked.

But not everyone was amused, with some pointing out the serious impact that blocked footpaths can have for disabled people.

“I used to work [in] disability support and my client wanted to go for a walk. We had to turn around because I couldn’t get her wheelchair past,” wrote one user.

@emzy_mumzy was undeterred, and the next day she posted another video, this time with examples of cars in her neighbourhood that were parked over the footpath.

The video sparked a heated debate, with some users saying it wasn’t a big deal, while others were more concerned.

“My mum is paralysed and this is actually a big problem,” wrote one user.

“The amount of people in this comment section that aren’t also considering wheelchair users who cannot just ‘go around’ is actually quite concerning,” another wrote.

According to Queensland road rules legislation, it’s illegal to park on a road in a way that obstructs access to a footpath, and the maximum fine is $2875.

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