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‘I refuse to date ugly women – I might be single forever but I won’t lower my standards’

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A single dad believes he could be on his own forever – because he refuses to date ugly women.

Kevin, 42, openly admits he has pretty high standards which he refuses to drop in his bid to find love, The Sun reports.

He is adamant he will only be able to fall for the right person who ticks all the boxes for him.

And he vowed never to make concessions or settle for the sake of settling down.

Machinist Kevin, from the UK, said: “I’m not into ugly women.

“I’m not saying I’m Brad Pitt but I know I can pull reasonable women.

“It does make it harder to find someone if you’re only going for the high-end appearance.

“Your work is going to be a lot harder, and loads of other men are probably going to be after them.

“But I’m just not willing to settle for second best. I realise I could be on my own for a long time.”

Kevin – who posts on TikTok as @boerboelblade2 – has been in a long-term relationship and stayed with a partner but has been single on and off for the past three years.

He dated someone he met on TikTok at the end of last year but he said that fizzled out after just a month.

Kevin quit drinking years ago so can no longer rely on meeting people in pubs.

He’s used dating apps but is not impressed. He’s had some success on Plenty of Fish but Tinder was a flop.

He said: “A lot of women just don’t get back to you. The majority never message you.

“If you do get a message from a girl I can guarantee you she will be someone that’s not that good looking.

“I’ve lowered my standards before and I never enjoyed it. I’ll not be doing it again.”

Kevin’s ideal woman is attractive and busty with long hair. He doesn’t like it being put up.

He does hold out hope one day of tracking down the perfect partner.

He said: “Finding the right person in life is a real thing. I’ve never met that person. I hope I do.”

But he also admitted that he’s happy to remain a lonely heart for as long as it takes for that person to walk through the door.

Kevin added: “People always ask me why I’m single.

“I could have a girlfriend. I’m decent looking. I make decent money.

“But lots of men are single because they want to be and they refuse to settle. It’s a lifestyle choice.”

This article was originally published by The Sun and reproduced with permission

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