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Hooters waitress reveals how much she rakes in every week

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A Hooters waitress has gone viral for bragging about earning “a lawyer’s hourly wage” as an undergraduate student.

“[Hooters is the] best job to have while in college ever. No one can tell me otherwise,” insisted Jona Mustafaraj, 22, based in Massachusetts, in the caption of her money-centric TikTok clip.

In the video, which was shared in late January and has since stacked more than a staggering 708,000 views, the stunning blonde showcased the cold, hard cash she’d collected from generous Hooters habitués at the end of each night of a seven-day work week, NY Post reported.

“[I made] $US320 ($A467) on a slow Monday,” said Mustafaraj, after counting out the handfuls of notes she accumulated in gratuity while waitressing.

Working behind the bar the next day, a “very, very slow” Tuesday night, earned the server siren an additional $US436 ($A637). She went on to line her piggy bank with another $US431 ($A629) while waitressing on Wednesday, $US650 ($A949) during her shift Thursday, $US514 ($A750) on Friday, $US820 ($A1196) as a Saturday night bartender. Mustafaraj closed out the week with a $US601 ($A877) pull Sunday.

“That total was $US3,772 ($A5504) in one week,” she boasted in the caption of her video.

And her eye-popping earnings sent money-hungry digital audiences drooling.

“[You’re] literally making me wanna work at Hooters,” penned one commenter with a piqued interest.

“Making almost 150,000 ($A219,000) a year average … must be nice living on peaceful mode,” wrote an equally-impressed math wiz.

Other viewers threatened to leave their current jobs to serve up chicken and beer alongside Mustafaraj.

“Meanwhile I make $55 from my 5 hour shift at a grocery store working produce,” groaned a spectator.

“Where in [Massachusetts] do you work? I need a new serving job and I will dead-a** quit [my job right now] and come,” vowed another.

But, in a subsequent post, Mustafaraj urged fans not to jump ship from their 9 to 5 posts.

Instead the vixen explained that she’s worked at the same Hooters location for four years, and credits her charismatic disposition with aiding her in scoring bigger tips than the average Hooters girls.

Mustafaraj also explained that most of her huge handouts come from regular customers.

“To all the girls saying, ‘I’m going to drop out of school, or I’m leaving my job and I’m working at Hooters. It’s my dream job,’ No!” she exclaimed. “Don’t do any of that.”

“Not everyone makes this [amount] of money,” Mustafaraj confessed, “and not every day is the same.”

This story originally appeared on the NY Post and reproduced with permission

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