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Harry and Meghan documentary: Inside Meghan’s Halloween party with Eugenie

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The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have shared previously unseen images of the pair partying the night away with Princess Eugenie and her then boyfriend – now husband – Jack Brooksbank.

The snaps came to light in the new Netflix documentary Harry & Meghanwhich aired its first three episodes on Thursday night (Australia time).

Taken in 2016, the photographs showed the relaxed couples enjoying what Meghan later told TV host Ellen DeGeneres was a “final fun night out” prior to her relationship with Prince Harry becoming public knowledge.

The Halloween party in Toronto had a post-apocalyptic theme, stated People magazine, leading to “very bizarre” costumes, Meghan said to DeGeneres in 2021.

The four royals are dressed to the nines in looks that combine Mad Max with a dash of steam punk.

Harry is in a face mask and goggles, Meghan in a fur aviator’s hat with a belt of bullets and Eugenie is channelling a Biggles type character on a desert escapade.

All appear to be having a right royal time.

“The four of us snuck out in Halloween costumes to just have one fun night on the town before it was out in the world that we were a couple.”

It was a better choice of costume for Harry than the one he picked in 2005 for a party in southwest England. On that occasion he came dressed as a World War II Nazi soldier replete with swastika armband.

In the Netflix documentary, Harry said he was “ashamed” to have donned the uniform.

The Duke was attending a “colonial and native” fancy dress party in England’s southwest where he decided to wear the controversial costume.

The outfit earned him a front page in British newspaper The Sun with the headline: “Harry the Nazi.”

Within days, Harry apologised for the faux pas, saying: “I am very sorry if I caused any offence or embarrassment to anyone. It was a poor choice of costume and I apologise.”

But the incident severely tarnished his image and has been periodically brought up since.

“It was one of the biggest mistakes of my life,” Harry said in an interview on the third episode of the Netflix series.

“I felt so ashamed afterwards. All I wanted to do was make it right.”

He said he spoke to the UK’s then Chief Rabbi Jonathan Sacks and went to Berlin to talk to a holocaust survivor.

“I could have got on and ignored it and made the same mistakes over and over in my life, but I learnt from that.”

Story Credit: news.com.au

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