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‘Grumpy’ Melbourne man wakes to shock $30m Oz Lotto victory

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A Melbourne man was concerned he had come across as “grumpy” after being woken up by a phone call from lottery officials advising him of a huge $30m victory.

The South Melbourne resident was the only division one winning entry in Tuesday night’s Oz Lotto draw but was unaware until he received the early morning call from a staffer from The Lott.

“This is fantastic. My brain doesn’t work very well in the morning. Apologies if I was grumpy when I answered,” the man said on the call.

“I was asleep, but I’m awake now. This is so crazy.”

The man, who wished to remain anonymous, claimed a total prize of $30,061,064.85.

He said he would use the prize to look after his parents and “set his family up for the future”.

“You know what, I’ve always said if I won something like this, I’d look after my parents first and then just try and be smart with it,” he said.

“My first inclination is to go crazy, but I’m going to be smart and set myself and my family up for the future.

“I’ll still work today and for the time being, but who knows what the future holds now.”

The man said he had won using the numbers he had entered in lottery draws for years, which were the playing numbers of his favourite footballers.

There have now been 19 division one Oz Lotto winners since July 1, with the victors collectively claiming more than $268m.

Eight of the winners have hailed from NSW, five from Victoria, four from Queensland and one from South Australia and Western Australia.

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