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FIFA World Cup: Kylian Mbappe man of the match trophy protest is Budweiser slap in the face

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France’s superstar forward Kylian Mbappe has been hiding Budweiser’s name during his “Man of the Match” photos as he doesn’t want to promote alcohol use at the World Cup in Qatar.

Even worse, France is paying fines that are coming to them because of Mbappe not speaking at a single press conference in Qatar.

As reported by Fox News, the team fears that Mbappe will be asked questions about his future with Paris Saint-Germain as it was reported prior to the World Cup that he wanted to leave France’s top team.

Usually, the “Man of the Match” speaks to the media after winning the award. But since winning it twice as France continues to play well in Qatar, Mbappe hasn’t spoken.

The Sun reports Mbappe finally broke his silence after receiving another man of the match award in France’s Round of 16 win over Poland.

El Parisien has confirmed the French team has been warned about further action if Mbappe fails to fulfil his media obligations for the rest of the tournament.

His behind-the-scenes issues were first brought to the surface when rumours swirled about his apparent trophy protest.

According to L’Equipe, Mbappe’s refusal to show the Budweiser logo was a very deliberate act.

Mbappe has made it a point in his image rights policy not to promote alcohol, junk food or sports betting. He’s a role model to many kids around the world and wants to make sure his image fits the bill.

Others, though, like Wales’ Gareth Bale, Argentina’s Lionel Messi and England’s Marcus Rashford, have shown the logo in their photos.

Either way, the outside noise and perception of Mbappe at the World Cup hasn’t hurt his game one bit for France. Through four matches, Mbappe is the Golden Boot leader as he owns the most World Cup goals with five after scoring twice in France’s 3-1 win over Poland to advance to the quarter-finals.

His public stand is another slap in the face for Budweiser as its $170 million deal with FIFA as the World Cup’s official beer supplier goes from bad to worse.

The beer giant’s parent company ABInbev is seeking $70 million from FIFA after they walked back their decision to allow the sale of beer in Qatar despite the country’s stance to outlaw alcohol.

Budweiser sent thousands of beer cans for the World Cup, but they now sit inside a warehouse.

Mbappe, meanwhile, is entirely focused on France’s next match against England in the quarter-finals on Saturday.

“People have been asking why I haven’t appeared in front of the media. I just needed to focus on the tournament and on football,” he said.

“When I want to concentrate, that is how I do it.

“I heard the FFF is going to get fined, so I will pay it as I don’t think the FFF should pay on my behalf.

“This is the competition of dreams and I’m delighted to be here and I wanted to be ready.

“I’ve been preparing all season, physically and mentally, but we are still a long way from the ultimate objective.”

Mbappe’s brace in the last-16 means he already has nine World Cup before his 23rd birthday.

Those numbers mean the PSG star is only seven behind all-time World Cup goal scorer Miroslav Klose.

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