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FIFA World Cup 2022: Mark Bosnich looking at iPad on SBS TV coverage, Socceroos vs Argentina

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What’s on the iPad Bozza?

That’s the question fans have been asking of Australian football legend Mark Bosnich, who has been glued to his tablet during SBS’ coverage of the FIFA World Cup.

Appearing as a pundit alongside the likes of Craig Foster and John Aloisi, Bosnich has been a fan favourite as usual — but viewers have been puzzled as to why he is constantly staring down at his iPad, even while he is on camera.

Bosnich has even been on his phone during SBS’ World Cup Daily coverage.

Now all has been revealed, and it appears Bosnich is in fact focused on football when he is clutching his iPad.

“Boz has confirmed that on his iPad he has FIFA Enhanced Football Intelligence running,” an SBS spokesperson told Yahoo Sport Australia.

“It provides him and the other guys on the broadcast couch stats and data. It’s a new FIFA feature for this tournament.”

FIFA Enhanced Football Intelligence (EFI) is a service designed by former Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger and according to FIFA, is giving fans “an enhanced football intelligence service (that) will offer new and exciting metrics to enrich the coverage and analysis of every game at the FIFA World Cup 2022.”

FIFA added: “These new statistics break down each area of the game into fine detail and provide operational definitions and multiple video examples to clearly define each action.

“This will enable an analysis not only of what happens on the ball, but also the movements and interactions around and off the ball for teams and players when they are both in and out of possession.

“The FIFA High Performance team (delivering the information) comprises football analysts, data scientists and data engineers, and has developed innovative technology to provide groundbreaking metrics and insights.”

“We would like to share our vision of using football data analytics combined with technical expert interpretation to create a new football intelligence, allowing everyone to better understand the game.”

After the Socceroos’ opening loss to France, Bosnich was highly critical of the team for being too shy to take the game on, criticising coach Graham Arnold’s lack of attacking tactics in the second half.

But the former Socceroos and Manchester United goalkeeper changed his tune after Australia booked its place in the knockout stages with wins over Tunisia and Denmark.

Bosnich, who had been critical of Arnold during the World Cup campaign, praised Football Australia for sticking by him.

The Socceroos finished the qualification campaign poorly, forcing them into back-to-back playoffs against the UAE and Peru.

“During the qualifying period, he came under a lot of criticism, including from myself,” Bosnich said on SBS.

“At the time it wasn’t looking good for him. Two points out of a possible nine. He struck through it.”

“Credit must go to Football Australia and James Johnson, it would have been easy to let him go at that time.”

With six points and two group stage wins, the Socceroos have surpassed the “golden generation” team of 2006 to produce Australia’s best group stage result at a World Cup.

The next task is a sudden death clash with Lionel Messi’s Argentina on Sunday morning at 6am (AEDT).

If the Socceroos can somehow pull off an almighty upset against the South American giants it will go down as one of the greatest moments in Australian sporting history.

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