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Father of three Paul Doran drowns saving 11-year-old daughter at Lennox Head

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A man has tragically lost his life after heroically saving his 11-year-old daughter from drowning.

Paul Doran, his wife Simonne and their three children were enjoying a day at Seven Mile Beach at Lennox Head, New South Wales, when suddenly the water conditions drastically changed, dragging their daughter out to sea.

Mr Doran and his wife were able to bring the children back to shore, but unfortunately, he did not survive the rescue.

“We lost Paul when he drowned, while together with his wife, bravely saving their children,” brother-in-law Brendan McDonnell said via Nine News.

“It is hard to believe that we have lost Paul, and under such traumatic circumstances.”

The loss of Mr Doran, who had moved to Australia from Ireland in July last year with his family, has been met with shock and grief.

The 45-year-old was described by his family as a man who only wanted the best for his loved ones and who had so many plans for their future.

He was deeply committed to his children‘s education, encouraging them to participate in sports and various activities, and valued the importance of spending time together as a family.

“He valued their education, playing sports and being involved in different activities, but also spending time together as a family,” his family said in a statement.

“Which is exactly what they were doing that evening when he lost his life saving them.”

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