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Employee captures brutal moment she was fired over a video call

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A US company has been blasted for the “cold hearted” way an employee was fired over a video call.

Ori Arnal Krahe said she was in “disbelief” when she was brutally let go by her boss from an advertising company called Captivate after being asked to jump on a video call.

She shared the video to her TikTok page, prompting thousands of horrified reactions from viewers.

“In honour of my severance check clearing – please enjoy the quickest lay-off on the land. Fun fact, she was promoted a couple days later,” the woman captioned the video.

The video starts with Ms Krahe’s boss cheerily greeting her and thanking her for “jumping on” the call, before diving straight into the bad news.

“So I am actually here to inform you that today is your last day at Captivate,” the woman says.

“We have determined that this is no longer a critical role for the company and are eliminating the position and we very much appreciate all the work that you’ve done during your time here.”

The employee is visibly shocked by this news, with her smile instantly dropping from her face.

Without pausing, the woman’s boss then informs her that all her work accounts will be “shut down during this meeting and you will no longer have access to captivate owned systems”.

She then informs her that there is some “off boarding logistics” that Ms Krahe needed to deal with, with the boss saying she was going to “drop off the call” and let someone from HR deal with the rest of the meeting.

Ms Krahe is clearly upset by this point and can be seen covering her mouth as tears well up in her eyes.

The HR worker tells Ms Krahe that he would be able to answer any further questions she had after the meeting, before asking if there was anything he could answer for her in that moment.

“I honestly do not know, this is not planned or expected so I honestly am very off base,” Ms Krahe says through tears.

“So, no. Once you send me the package will that be the email to answer and like to ask any questions on?”

“Yes and take your time. I know this is a lot,” the HR worker says.

The employee then claimed the situation “f**king sucks”.

“Not going to lie, it really f**king sucks,” she says, adding that she had just had a positive conversation with her manager the day before.

Ms Krahe then tells the HR worker that she knows he is not responsible for her being let go or the way the situation was handled, but that it was still “real f**king s**tty”.

“I understand. Well take your time and review the information that we send over to you and we’ll be happy to help in any way we can from here on out,” the worker responds.

Ms Krahe then asks if she can shut down her computer after the meeting or if she was “f**king expected to answer more emails after this”.

The HR worker informs her the company has no more expectations of her, so which she responds, “love that for me”.

The video has been viewed more than 2.3 million times and has attracted thousands of comments from people furious at how the situation was handled.

“This is appalling I have no words,” one person said.

“Her tone was more of a welcome to the company not were terminating you effective immediately. The lack of empathy,” another wrote.

Others branded the manager “cold hearted”, “atrocious” and “unprofessional”.

One person added: “That first lady is INSANE. What an odd way to handle something like this.”

Another commenter claimed they worked in HR and were “appalled” at how the manager approached the situation.

Since the video went viral, the company has been bombarded with one star reviews, with its Google rating now sitting at just 1.2.

The people leaving the reviews branded the workplace “toxic” and claimed the management team was “disrespectful and lacks empathy”.

“Uncaring and plain awful. No respect for its employees. Stay away,” one person warned.

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