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Emily Ratajkowski says she ‘doesn’t believe in straight people’

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US model Emily Ratajkowski has said she doesn’t “believe in straight people” in a new interview.

The newly single mum-of-one, 31, spoke with Harper’s Bazaar for the magazine’s November issue. In the chat, she talked about a TikTok trend which jokes that women who own a green couch are bisexual, Fox News reports.

When the outlet asked if the video had any truth behind it, Ratajkowski replied: “I think sexuality is on a sliding scale. I don’t really believe in straight people.”

She went on: “My girlfriend came over and was like, ‘B**ch, have you seen the green-couch thing?’ She was laughing at me because my green couch is so big,” she explained of the joke.

The model went on to say that she wants to have fun with how she presents herself to the world.

“I want to be able to have fun with how I present myself in the world without feeling like I’m a bad feminist or a good feminist,” she said. “Duh. I don’t want to be a part of your club if you don’t want to have me. It’s fine!”

Ratajkowski added that her son’s happiness and wellbeing is now her priority. She and film producer Sebastian Bear-McClard share one-year-old son Sylvester Apollo. The couple filed for divorce in September after tying the knot in 2018.

“I’ve never had such clear priorities before in my life,” Ratajkowski said. “Number one is Sly, and that’s that.”

She said motherhood shifted her perspective.

“It’s made me re-evaluate what’s important to me, like, what do I want to teach my son?”

Ratajkowski is now diving into the podcast world. Her newest business venture, High Low with EmRata, launches this week.

She will cover a range of topics and have guest speakers on her show, with two episodes weekly and a third exclusively for paid subscribers. She described her podcast as a mix of Call Her Daddy and Fresh Air.

“I’m down to talk about sex, be a millennial or whatever, while also having — hopefully — the eloquence and interview style of Terry Gross,” Ratajkowski told the outlet.

She will also do solo episodes in a segment titled EmRata Asks.

“There’s going to be a lot of stuff that is about women, just because that’s what I’m interested in,” she said. “I have to be honest, I totally love it.”

Since Ratajkowski and Bear-McClard filed for divorce, the model revealed that she has been dating. She is not open to discussing the details behind her split from the film producer out of respect for their son’s privacy.

“I can tell you that I have never been single before,” she said. “I feel all the emotions.

“I feel anger, sadness. I feel excitement. I feel joy. I feel levity. Every day is different. The only good thing I know is that I’m feeling all those things, which is nice because it makes me believe that I’ll be OK.”

This story originally appeared on Fox News and is republished here with permission

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