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Eggs thrown at Sydney driver’s car on the Pacific Highway

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A driver has been left shaken after being bombarded in a bizarre early-morning attack.

The motorist was heading along the Pacific Highway near Killara, northwest of Sydney, on Tuesday when several eggs were thrown at his car.

“Some a**holes threw eggs and (I think) spat at my moving car, from another car alongside me,” the man wrote on social media on Tuesday.

The strange attack unfolded just after 2am and the driver warned others to be “careful on the roads”.

He said he was only driving 60km/h at the time, but was caught completely off-guard.

“Lucky they had s*** aim because my window was open,” he wrote, describing the random egg shower as “dangerous”.

Outside of leaving a putrid smell, the eggs fortunately didn’t cause any serious damage to his car.

“Lucky no denting or anything, and I think the paint will be OK! Just gotta deal with the smell,” he said in response to a comment.

“There wasn’t really any proper damage, just a gnarly smell and a s***ty mood,” he told someone else.

Photos showed slimy pieces of egg splattered across the driver’s side of his car.

He was unsure what provoked the attack and has put it down to being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Dozens of people who responded in comments were just as puzzled.

“Pretty sad to think that people think this sort of behaviour is acceptable – considering it could have killed someone,” one person wrote.

Others were more shocked that someone could afford to waste eggs given the current economic crisis.

“Throwing eggs? In THIS ECONOMY?!” they wrote.

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