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Dr Kerry Chant issues new face mask warning to quash Covid cases

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Millions of Australians have been warned to wear face masks in certain settings over the Christmas period to quash a fresh spike in Covid cases.

The issue was raised by NSW chief health officer Kerry Chant, who gave the advice despite assuring that the state had already reached its latest virus peak.

“Wearing masks is an effective measure, but it is a personal choice, but think about those around you,” she explained.

“We still request people to wear masks in hospitals and aged care facilities, and it is important that people comply with those requirements in those settings.

“You can just do these little things that reduce the chances or the frequency of you getting Covid infections.”

Dr Chant said people coming into contact with vulnerable relatives should be extra cautious when attempting to stop the spread.

“Frail, elderly and people with underlying health conditions are more likely to experience serious health outcomes with Covid, such as hospitalisations and death,” she said.

“That’s why the antivirals are targeted at those groups.”

NSW has recorded 40,695 cases and 74 Covid-related deaths in the past week compared with 24,652 cases and, 84 deaths in Victoria.

Elsewhere Queensland experienced 16,600 cases and 33 deaths, while South Australia had 10,754 cases, and 21 deaths.

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